CES 2017: Asus to host Zennovation event next month; tipped to launch Google Project Tango-phone v2.0
CES 2017: Asus to host Zennovation event next month; tipped to launch Google Project Tango-phone v2.0Asus Press Room website (screen-shot)

Taiwanese consumer electronics major Asus has announced to host an event dubbed as the 'Zennovation' on January 4, just a day ahead of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 (January 5-8) in Las Vegas.

"Join us at our CES press conference on Wednesday, Jan 4 and experience our latest innovations that will expand you vision and stretch the imagination !!," the company said in the e-invitation on its official website.

There is no mention of the Zennovation event's significance, but the inclusion of the Qualcomm logo in the invite hints the device will be powered by Snapdragon (believed it be 835 series).

This apparently led to speculations that the company might launch the new generation Zenfone 4 series. However, the company is expected to unveil the Google's Project Tango phone Zenfone AR. This was actually confirmed by the company's CEO to the media last month.

In November, Jerry Shen, Asus CEO without disclosing the specifications of the device, assured that the new Zenfone AR will come with advanced functionality and performance compared to first-generation Project Tango-based phone Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and would be reasonably priced.

So when will the new Zenfone 4 series launch?

As per reports, Asus plans to launch the Zenfone 4 series and also a VR (Virtual Reality) head gear with built-in cameras, sensors and controllers in the second and third quarter of 2017, respectively.

This seems to be a well-advised plan as the Zenfone 3 smartphones were launched in May and were released to select markets only recently. The Zenfone 3 Deluxe and Ultra hit stores in India just a few days ago.

If it plans to release the Zenfone 4 series phones in January, the company would face the wrath of angry Zenfone 3 series owners and risk losing the loyalty of the Asus brand fans.

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