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    George Clooney with wife Amal AlamuddinReuters
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  • Macaulay Culkin
    Macaulay Culkin pretending to be dead@CHEESEDAYZ VIA TWITTER

Juicy speculations and rumours set the internet into a frenzy this year.

Ranging from Taylor Swift being a lesbian to the death of Macaulay Culkin, some of the rumours that rocked the online world are as follows:

Taylor Swift in a homosexual relationship with BFF Karlie Kloss

After a fan posted a picture on Twitter of 'Love Story' singer and Victoria's Secret Angel Kalie Kloss getting cozy at the '1975' concert in New York City 4 December, fans went crazy. In the grainy picture of the pair, it seemed as if the two were kissing and the caption also read: "Exclusive taylor and karlie making out #confirmed." However, later Swift clarified the rumours and said that she was "happily single".

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Broke up with Beau Justin Theroux

The personal life of the 'Friends' star has always been of much interest to fans. After her divorce from 'Mr. And Mrs. Smith' actor Brad Pitt, Aniston was subjected to pity as well as ridicule. However, life seemed to get back on track for the 45-year-old diva after she found love in fiancĂ© Justin Theroux. However, speculations continued and at one point it was also rumoured that the couple was delaying getting married because they were on the verge of a break up. More recently, Hollywoodlife.com said that the actress is finally pregnant with the help of IVF. Aniston, in the January issue of Allure magazine, said that she was not pregnant and was very happy with Theroux.

Kim- Kanye Heading for Divorce, Planning Another Baby to Save Marriage

With Kim Kardashian's confession on her reality show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' that she would like a second child, speculations began whether she was already pregnant and what was the urgency of planning another child. Various media reports stated that the couple was on the verge of a break up. A latest report by Celebrity Laundry states that various tabloids report that the model and television star has gained weight, which might be due to emotional stress.

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner Dating

It is not unusual to find Justin Bieber rumours doing the rounds. After Justin Bieber and on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez parted ways, the 'Baby' singer was linked with quite a few famous names. One of the most close-to-real rumours was Justin Bieber dating the Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner. The speculation came after Bieber unfollowed Gomez on Instagram and posted a cute video of him and Jenner. However, Jenner rubbished the rumours and said that she and Bieber were family friends and his love for Gomez was also just a publicity stunt.

Beyonce May Divorce Jay Z for Cheating

Queen Bey never took cheating rumours seriously until her younger sister allegedly slapped brother-in-law Jay Z in the elevator. It was reported by several media outlets that Beyonce was struggling to make a decision whether to save her six-year marriage for the sake of daughter Blue Ivy or to take a stand and leave Jay Z for infidelity. However, months of rumours did not really lead to divorce or separation. The couple still performs together and attends friends' parties together.

Miley Cyrus Pregnant, Marries Patrick Schwarzenegger in Miami

Miley Cyrus, known for being wild, was rumoured to have married boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger in a 'secret' ceremony in Miami. Schwarzenegger's family never supported his relationship with the controversial pop star, so eloping and marrying did not seem shocking. However, a source clarified to Hollywoodlife.com that Cyrus would never elope no matter how much she loves her man. "Eloping would be the biggest f*** you to Miley's family and even Patrick's. I can't see being that brazen. More so, eloping would break Miley's promise to her sister, Noah Cyrus, and she's not that kind of sister," the source said.

Macaulay Culkin Dead

In November, a fake story that claimed 'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin was dead was circulated across the internet. The story was retweeted scores of times. The rumour was so widespread that the actor actually took a picture of him pretending to be dead and posted it on Twitter to prove he was not dead after all.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Heading for Divorce

Even the royal couple is not immune to rumours! Around late October, it was being speculated whether the Duchess of Cambridge was living with her parents following constant fights with husband Prince William. She had not been seen in public for a long time then and thus, the time was apt for the rumours to go wild. However, the couple seemed just fine during their December U.S. trip and are eager to welcome their second child next year.

George Clooney regrets Proposing to Amal Alamuddin

Just two months after the news of George Clooney's engagement to Amal Alamuddin surfaced, it was rumoured that the couple was getting cold feet and facing issues with marriage. The womanizer allegedly regretted proposing to now-wife Amal Alamuddin as they belong to different cultures and Alamuddin's Druze family of Sheikhs were not happy with her choice. However, it seemed things were all well and the couple married 27 September.

Ellen DeGenres n Portia de Rossi divorce

After spending 10 years together and six years being married, it was reported that talk show host Ellen DeGenres and wife Portia de Rossi were heading for divorce. However, Ellen clarified during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live: "I read that we were getting divorced, and I went and told [De Rossi], and she was sad. We both were so sad. She also told People: 'The truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time," Daily Mail reports.