Heartbreaking scenes have come in from the city of Agra where a man lost his ailing mother in front of his eyes after hospitals refused to admit her and provide any sort of medical aid.

Mohit Sharma, a resident of Agra, was turned down by most of the medical facilities in the city before finally securing a bed for his mother at SN Medical College. However, his misery did not end as he could not find a doctor or a nurse to attend to his mother.

Agra man loses his mother to incompetent hospitals
Agra man loses his mother to incompetent hospitalsTwitter

In a clip that has emerged on Twitter, a helpless Mohit can be seen defibrillating his mother, who passed away on Monday, April 27, after a long illness.

What exactly transpired with Mohit and his mother?

After enduring the traumatic experience, Mohit recorded a video to narrate his ordeal and to complain about the lack of cooperation by the hospitals in his city.

Recounting it all from the start, Mohit said that his mother on Sunday had complained of difficulty in breathing, a problem she has had for the last three years. As her situation got worse, he decided to get her admitted to a hospital.

Mohit Sharma
Mohit SharmaTwitter

Mohit claims that much to his shock, hospitals refused to admit her without a medical report stating that she has been tested for the novel coronavirus and that her results were negative.

After frantically running around for hours in search of a hospital, he then stopped by the SN Medical College which agreed to take his mother in. Probably a little relieved at that point, Mohit consoled and comforted his mother.

Ray of hope shatters

Despite finding a hospital, things took a turn for worse when Mohit could not find any sort of medical expert to attend to his mother. Denied a stretcher, he carried his mother on his shoulders to the room that was allotted to her. Furthermore, the hospital staff did not even provide water to the elderly patient and Mohit had to arrange for it by calling up a relative.

In the about 5 minutes long narration of his agony, Mohit got teary-eyed as he said that he made repeated pleas to the doctors and nurses at the SN Medical College but nobody came forward.

After struggling with her breathing problem for hours, Mohit's mother succumbed to the illness on Monday morning.