NRI puppy

In the backdrop of the ongoing debate on casteist practises, a video has surfaced on social media that has stirred havoc. This time a video where a puppy is welcomed into an NRI family has gone viral. Not because of its cuteness but because it was welcomed into the house with Grihapravesh ritual. 

The viral video revealed, on entering the house the puppy's feet were dipped into a red Alta( paint) after which his paws were imprinted on a sheet of paper. 

Following the ceremony, a woman was seen performing Arti on the puppy after which the puppy wandered around the house. This viral video on TikTok was shared by Shreyagid which has now garnered over 4.7 million views in 24 hours.

Grihapravesh is a Hindu ceremony performed on the occasion of an individual's first time entering their new home. The Puja or act of worship is performed in various stages during the construction and entry of the home.

Viral puppy video sparks online debate

After the video garnered attention, Twitter was split into a debate. While many called it cute but soon thought the puppy's video was an attempt to "whitewash Brahmanical rituals" calling it cute and adorable. 

One said, "My new favourite thing is desi families welcoming their new puppies with traditional ceremonies."

Another said, "Hindu culture respects nature and its creatures more Our culture doesn't allow to hurt any animals. The above video is a welcoming ceremony when a new member joins family Usage of Fire in every Hindu ceremony is the marking of the first element of nature. 

Social media user Thaiyaan wrote, "Don't underestimate these casteist bigots promoting these practices, it's all part of the larger agenda, basically to whitewash the Brahmanical rituals as something 'cute' and 'holy' customs."

Another netizen wrote, "The poor puppy looks petrified. Just give him a bone to chew on for god's sake!" Amid discussions, netizens also recalled Chunchu Nair, the upper-caste cat whose obituary caused a stir last year in December after it went viral on Twitter.

 Watch the video here: