Lavleen Kaur
Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur, a renowned dietitian and clinical nutritionist, and founder of Diet Insight, encourages people to become healthy by advising them NOT to 'diet'. That seems absurd! She says "Don't diet. Switch to a healthier lifestyle instead". With a masters in foods and nutrition, M.Ed., and a degree in home science; dietitian Lavleen Kaur has more than 10 years of experience in the field of diet and nutrition.

In a study conducted by Ipsos, almost 59% of people said that "most diet plans ultimately fail" and an astonishing "67% of respondents said the only reason they exercise is so that they can eat what they like". Consulting nutritionists and dieticians is only seen as a solution when you are diagnosed with problems such as cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes. Later following the diet plan suggested by them becomes a difficult task due to the unrealistic restrictions imposed. Besides, how do we know whose advice to follow?

On this, Lavleen stresses that people need to be aware of self-proclaimed or fake dietitians and nutritionists. We need to stay away from those who imposter themselves as practitioners with a heartening story about their own weight loss and hold no relevant qualification, skill or degree. A 6-month certificate or crash course does not qualify a person to start prescribing diets to others. To become a dietitian, years of studies is required along with practical experience or internship of a minimum 6 months in an accredited hospital.

"The term 'dieting' although being trendy, it's meaning in most minds is still equal to eating less or eating only salad, soups and raw vegetables. While these are healthy items, one must eat a balanced diet comprising of all food groups", says Lavleen.

With more than 4 lakh active followers on Facebook, Lavleen has been trying hard to spread the message on healthy eating and how the processed foods industry is taking a toll on our health. Her unique yet simple presentation of videos always have a personal and 'desi' touch which allows her to deeply connect and engage with people's lives and deliver a message effectively. It's time to say NO to expensive or exotic food labelled as 'diet' food and instead eat our own homemade food especially native food grains. Western ideologies are only good for short term and temporary results. Shun the idea of Western ideologies and trends that give no promising results in the long run as they are unsustainable and can show side effects.

She encourages diet plans which don't feel like being on a diet, because you are not deprived of the foods that are already in your kitchen. There are increasing trends about what to eat and the confusion about whether to follow a vegan or keto diet. "Eat the food you love, but moderation is key" with the belief of a 'no restriction' diet approach which is what makes her diet and lifestyle plans doable and sustainable. She believes in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss methods, pills or use of supplements.

As a lifestyle coach, Lavleen strongly believes that lifestyle has four pillars – sleep, stress, water intake and exercise. If these factors are not managed properly, no matter what diet you follow, it is not going to be effective and you're not going to reach your health goals. "Use your food as medicine with a holistic approach", says Lavleen.

She put technology into the mix and launched the 'Diet Insight' mobile app in late 2019, allowing her and the team to provide personalised diet consultations across the globe. She helps clients manage problems of thyroid, hypertension, obesity, PCOD, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders through real food and by focusing on the root cause of the problem, rather than suppressing the symptoms.

Lavleen Kaur has already helped transform many lives into happy and healthy souls. All she asks in return from her clients and patients is - A vision with belief, a level of trust with positive mindset, consistency, and self-discipline. India being home to the one of the worst kinds of poverty she is now aiming to form a community with the purpose of helping underprivileged children achieve their nutritional needs.