Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut's picture shocks netizens.
Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut's picture shocks netizens.Instagram

"I can't believe it." said a fan in response to the Instagram post which depicted a recent picture of Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut. The problem wasn't the picture, but the fact that they were in it together. The two divas are seen sitting (in the pic above) side by side, and happily posing for a photo.

Who posted this pic?

Actress Kubbra Sait posted the picture on Instagram that shows her, film-maker Madhur Bhandarkar, Sonam and Kangana together. Apparently, the photo was clicked at an airport, and they had traveled on the same flight. "Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup with Charlie," she captioned the image.

Dosti or just show-off?

While the picture shows all four of them happily posing for the camera, what caught most people's attention is Sonam and Kangana's friendship. The post received several comments where people expressed astonishment at seeing them together.


Kangana-Sonam controversy explained

It is indeed surprising to see the two divas bonding together as they had an ugly fight some months ago.

It had all happened during #MeToo movement in India. Sonam had raised doubts about Kangana's allegations of inappropriate behavior against Vikas Bahl, following which the latter had fired a salvo at her during an interview.

Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut
Sonam Kapoor, Kangana RanautGetty/Varinder Chawla

"I think Kangana wrote something. Kangana is obviously Kangana Ranaut. She says a lot of stuff and sometimes it's hard to take her seriously. I love the fact that she has spunk and she says what she believes. I really respect her for that. I don't know him, I don't know the situation. If what is written is true, then it's disgusting and awful. If it's true, then they should be punished for it," Sonam had said at a summit.

This certainly had not gone well with the Queen actress, who had later slammed Sonam for "judging" her.

"What does she mean by saying, 'it's hard to believe Kangana'? When I am sharing my Me Too story, who gives her a right to judge me? So, Sonam Kapoor has the license of trusting some women and some she won't. What makes her so unsure of my claims? I am known to be an articulate person and I have represented my country in many international summits. I am called as a thought and youth influencer to these summits, I am not known because of my dad I have earned my place and credibility after struggling for a decade," Kangana had said.

She had even taken digs at Sonam on lines of nepotism. "She isn't known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker. What gives these filmy people the right to take digs at me? I will demolish each one of them," the national-award-winning actress had said.