Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar's Bollywood movie "Calendar Girls" starring newcomers in the lead roles released in theatres across the globe today and got positive reviews from the audience.

Madhur Bhandarkar is known to make realistic movies like "Fashion", "Page 3" and "Heroine", through which he exposed the dark side of the glamour and entertainment industry. His latest venture "Calendar Girls" is another realistic flick that deals with the struggle of five girls in the modeling industry.

Written and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, "Calendar Girls" is a drama film that is about an emotional journey of five girls from different economic backgrounds. These girls hail from Hyderabad, Lahore, Goa, Rohtak and Kolkata and aim to become calendar girls. The film is about how their lives take a detour when they participate in a calendar shoot.

Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh and Satarupa Pyne play models in the film. The audience, who have watched the movie, have praised Bhandarkar for his wonderful direction and tapping out amazing performances from newcomers. We bring to you the viewers' verdict on the film posted on Twitter.

Here is the live update of Calendar Girls movie review by audience:

Ashoke Pandit ?@ashokepandit

Just saw #CalendarGirls @imbhandarkar take a bow. This is clearly ur best!!!! You are d master of showing d darkness under d spotlight Leading ladies of #CalendarGirls all of u wl b a revealation for d audience. It requires sheer talent to debut with @imbhandarkar film. Team #CalendarGirls the only words I have for you guys after watching the film is MARVELLOUS BRILLIANT POIGNANTLY

Salilacharya ?@Salilacharya

#CalendarGirls if u let the awful performances in the first half pass u by the second isnt bad at all , even the girls seem to get better once again @imbhandarkar shows you how the industry can be ,it is real and does happen problem #perfromances its like an ekta kapoor serial #CalendarGirls with a better cast cud ve been another #fashion and well we wudnt have minded seeing it again some of the girls get better with each passing minute though #paroma , #nazneen and oo ive forgotten thats ditzy one #CalendarGirls this is a kind of film that might work in the interiors for them its still all new #glamourworld , #CalendarGirls though a tad amateurish

Priya Gupta ‏@priyaguptatimes

I so enjoyed watching Madhur Bhandarkar's #CalendarGirls...engaging, emotional, insightful...well directed & edited @imbhandarkar ...your film #CalendarGirls is not just interesting & entertaining, but it left me crying in the end. Loved it!!!

Abhishek Dutta ‏@abkdutta 9h9 hours ago

#CalendarGirls is Great efforts by @imbhandarkar as he gave his best to bring some harsh reality back on the big screen #tweetiyapa

MD.Iqbal Ahmad ?@mdiq4u

Just watched #MadhurBhandarkar most awaited film #CalendarGirls,film talks abut girls but not as #Fashion did,an way newcomers done well #CalendarGirls tried well 2express d issues of calendars but music failed 2 do so.#MadhurBhandarkar appearance & dialogues wil impress

Priyanka Ghatak ?@priyankaghatak

@imbhandarkar proves it again with #CalendarGirls that he is the King of reality driven cinema. This film is pure epic. @ashokepandit Kudos to the entire starcast of #CalendarGirls . Each one of the 5 girls are shining stars of the film @imbhandarkar @ashokepandit

Shahid ‏@shahid_says

@imbhandarkar #CalendarGirls beautiful movie with realistic touch to it .. Was running 80% all over dubai. Beautiful direction. 4/5 honest

Hardik Dhebar ‏@Hardy1274

@imbhandarkar #CalendarGirls well done my friend!!! Yet another mirror to the society!!! Well executed and summarised film!!! Keep it up!!

RJ Puneet ‏@RjPuneet

#CalendarGirls.@imbhandarkar came with new nd different subject of real life.good luck sir.Super observation of these girls.Different movie.

G1 ‏@G1_Rockstar

Wow #CalendarGirls my brain still trying to process what I saw .. Nice story with nice message specially for girls. #CalendarGirls would not have been possible without these lovely ladies. @pyne_satarupa @puri_akanksha @KyraDutt @ruhisingh11 @Avanimodi

Rajiv Vijayakar ‏@rajivvijayakar

@Avanimodi steals the show in @imbhandarkar's #CalendarGirls, a good watch that is neither his best nor his worst. @ruhisingh11 ranks next.

ap ‏@apwitter

#calendargirls - touches those areas that are known but deftly keeps it short. @mbhandarkarFC - liked it!

RíĶíղ ‏@MumbaiEnjoy

@MMCalendarGirls #CalendarGirls Loved The Story, Concept & Nice acting By Beauties , Must Watch Movie - 4 Stars For @imbhandarkar

Smriti Singh ‏@RjSmritii

To each & every Nandita, Nazneen, Paroma, Mayuri & Sharon - watch @MMCalendarGirls & comprehend. Learning never stops! #CalendarGirls Thank you Sir @imbhandarkar for another masterpiece on REALITY of #CalendarGirls ! Saw, FELT & requesting all to watch @MMCalendarGirls

Sonal Chadha ‏@MissSonalChadha

#CalendarGirls review: Flaws in plot which do take toll on screenplay. Frankly Girls should attract audience. On the whole ordinary movie ★