It's a plot that many of the screenwriters may have only imagined in their script; but reality indeed turned out to stranger and shocking than fiction when a techie couple returned home to a dead stranger in his house.

In an incident that triggered shock waves in the city of Bengaluru, a couple returned home from Amsterdam and found a stranger lying dead in the prayer room of his house. Sridhar Sumant Roy, told the police, "I never imagined a dead man in my house." Who would?

The incident took place on Thursday night in Indiranagar's Eshwara Layout while Roy and his wife, both private company employees, returned from their trip overseas.

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At first, the couple tried entering their house through the main door but it did not open. When they couldn't access their house the usual way, the couple walked towards the backdoor and found the entry tampered with.

On finding the back entry locked from the inside, Roy contacted the police control room. When the security agency, trusted with patrolling the area and the police broke open the door, they found the prayer room locked from the inside. As if the situation already didn't leave enough questions unanswered, when the cops peeped inside the room, they found a man hanging inside. After the door was broken open, the man's body was brought down and sent for examination and legal formalities.

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The police said, "We asked the man and his wife about the dead person and they claim to not know the person at all." The dead stranger, suspected to be a burglar, first ransacked the house. As per the CCTV footage, the man gained entry to the house through back door on Wednesday night when the city experienced heavy rainfall.

As the house neither had dogs nor any security guards, his entry became easier. Reportedly, the man ransacked the house for valuables and then found a whiskey bottle which he emptied along with a few snacks from the kitchen. Following this, he passed out in the bedroom and on Thursday morning took a shower, before having a few more drinks.

By Thursday evening, he chose to end his life. As per the forensic records and investigation, the dead man has been identified as Dilip Bahadur, 46, a native of Assam. He has a criminal record as the local police arrested him in 2016 too on house-theft charges.

The incident leaves many questions unanswered, many dots unconnected. Burglars cooking food, using the shower area, leaving no trace, have been heard of but not those ending their life inside the ransacked house where they spent almost an entire day.