New Beer Ad 'Friends Are Waiting' Goes Viral
The Budweiser commercial, posted on Global Be(er) Responsible Day, gives a message on safe drinking practices. Screenshot/YouTube

A beer company posted a video on Global Be(er) Responsible Day, which gives a message of safe drinking practices, went viral online.

The Budweiser commercial was posted on 15 September with a simple idea, which touched many hearts online. According to NDTV, it shows dog-human friendship and also about a responsible drinking.

In the video it shows a pup cuddling and playing with his owner as it grows into a full-grown pet dog . Later it shows the owner goes out with his friends with many bottles of Budweiser, leaving his dog in the house. The beautiful part comes when the poor pet waits for his owner to return home. It then says in the video, "For some, the waiting never ended."

The owner returns home the next day and the pet gets excited and overjoyed seeing his friend back home safely.

In the end, the video says, "But we can change that... Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you."

The video has crossed over 95 lakh views on YouTube until the time of reporting. Like other beer ads of the company, this commercial has also been created in way, which encourages responsible drinking.

Watch below the "Friends Are Waiting" ad, which has caught the attention of millions.