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The young Korean heartthrob and BTS member Rap Monster.BTS

BTS is known to be one of the most popular bands across the globe and team leader RM has given credit to their fans for their success, who are known as ARMY.

The young Korean heartthrob has said that interactions with their fans worldwide have helped them a lot in making music. According to him, the support from their producer Bang Shi Hyuk and the love from their fans have led them to success.

"I want to applaud producer Bang Shi Hyuk's keen eye. We started out as a hip hop crew, and Bang Shi Hyuk thought that he needed to find rappers who would say the things that ought to be said for society. We were rappers that were able to implement that vision, and we also had members with strong dance and performance skills," Soompi quoted him.

"With that level of quality as a foundation, there was also our sincerity and the message we wanted to send. Our consistent and frequent communication [with our fans] added to that, and Bang Shi Hyuk used his keen eye to support us in all of those aspects. He gave us freedom," he added.

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The BTS leader then said that sincerity and skills have played vital roles in their career. "I think that the secret to BTS's success can be summed up with the keywords 'sincerity and skills.' I think the public can see sincerity," he said.

However, the 23-year-old singer revealed that he gets really disappointed when people say the key to their success is their social media interaction with fans.

"People focus only on the fact that we communicated a lot with our fans through social media. Since we're singers, I think what's more important is that the quality of our music and performances has to be good above all else," he explained.

BTS Suga
BTS member SugaInstagram/Suga

In a similar vein, team member Suga said that it is really sad to see people linking their success with their social life. "What I find most unfortunate is that some people, after analyzing us, say that we succeeded only because of our use of social media," he said.

"Kim Saeng Min, who served as the MC at our fan meeting, recently complimented us on a podcast, saying, 'Not only are they good at what they do, they also work hard, which makes them unbeatable.' When I heard that, I thought that he must really have been able to see how much effort we put in. I was moved by the fact that, after five years, people are starting to notice," he added.

The members of popular K-Pop boy band BTS.BTS

Meanwhile, team members V, J-Hope, Jungkook and Jin shared their goals for 2018. Find out what they are planning to do this year:

Because there's always so many things I want to do, I've never ended up doing them properly. But I think that this year, I need to do something that will help me in my career as a singer. That's why I don't play games these days. I want to learn to play classical music on the piano, and I want to be good at foreign languages and singing. I plan to work hard at just those three things - Jungkook

Last year, Jungkook started playing drums, and I started playing guitar. When Jungkook stopped playing drums, I ended up playing guitar. Now Jungkook has started learning to play piano and I'm going to dig out my guitar and try to match his progress. Eventually, I'd like to form a BTS band – Jin

We have a lot of plans scheduled for this year, and if we want to accomplish those things, health needs to be a top priority. The mixtape that I've been working on since last year is going to be released soon. So I've been immersed in trying to create good music. I hope a lot of people listen to it and like it – J-Hope

I'd like to be really good at singing. I plan to focus all of my energy on working hard at this one thing - V