Last month BTS agency BigHit Music announced that all seven members of BTS, the renowned K-Pop band, will have to undergo Military service in South Korea, which is mandatory. BTS's eldest member Jin is the first to be enlisted for mandatory military service.

And now it's time for Jin, the eldest member of BTS, to commence his front-line services. Jin who is all set to turn 30th on December 4, (international age, he will turn 31 according to Korean culture) will not be celebrating his birthday with BTS Army, would be heading for military service.

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BTS member Jin revealed his birthday plan

On Saturday evening, talking to his fans on the global fandom platform Weverse, Jin revealed that he will be at the 'front line' on his birthday, hinting at his military service. This has made fans emotional and teary-eyed.

A member from the BTS Army asked if he was excited about his birthday, which is on December 4, Jin replied that he would be on the front lines by then, and wouldn't be able to celebrate with his fans like he normally does. ARMY was rather heartbroken on hearing this.

A fan said, "Oh no And it will be cold for him too.I hope he will be able to pass this winter safely."

Another fan said, "On his birthday this year he will be on the " front line- military" meaning: doing hard work most important work, defending or achieving something ( it's basically a way to say he will be in the military { doesn't sound like he's too thrilled about it.. but just IMO."

"This tore me up! I'm sorry I just can't do this y'all," mentioned a sad and disheartened fan.

Most of his fans were concerned about his safety, and are looking forward to Jin's comeback in 2025 after his completion of military service.


Few of his fans shared Jin's shirtless picture. Take a look at it.

ARMY shared Jin's shirtless pictures where his '7' tattoo can be seen, along with other photos of his. Jin responded, "Don't share stuff like this, focus on my face instead."

BTS Jin to get his basic military training in the frontline army base

According to a report in Allkpop, once Jin gets trained for 5 weeks in the frontline army base, he will be dispatched to a different army base as he will be enlisted as a general infantry. But Jin might be dispatched to another frontline base for the rest of his service because reportedly rumours say a person is likely to be stationed at another frontline army base if he gets his basic military training in a frontline base.

Meanwhile, Jin will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier in December.

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Jin's last release Astronaut with Coldplay made BTS ARMY emotional

After an emotional performance of his latest single Astronaut with Coldplay, ARMY went teary-eyed, as it was his last single before undergoing military service. Jin had wished to leave in June 2022, but the members persuaded him to stay on for the Busan concert, which was the last scheduled event for the band. However, the schedule for the rest of the members is still undecided. However, as per the Big Hit, BTS members are expected to reconvene in 2025.

Meanwhile, RM recently announced that his new album Indigo would release on December 2, and there is speculation that V, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook will all release their solos by early next year.