Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was furious and threatened to resign after Vachananda Swamiji demanded a cabinet minister post for Murugesh Nirani. The CM also got up and threatened to leave the stage.

BS Yeddyurappa attended an event held by Panchamsali sect of Lingayats at Hanagavadi, in Harihar of Davangere district. Along with some BJP leaders, thousands of people attend this fair on Tuesday. Addressing the gathering, Vachanand Swamiji urged the CM BS Yeddyurappa to give cabinet birth to Nirani

Vachanand Swamiji threatens Yeddyurappa

Vachanand Swamiji said that he would face the wrath of the community if he does not induct Nirani in his cabinet. He said, "Some leaders of our community have stood by you. Murugesh Nirani has stood with you like a rock. Induct him into the cabinet, otherwise, the Panchamsali Lingayats will abandon their support to you."

BS Yeddyurappa's outburst against Vachananda Swamiji
BS Yeddyurappa's outburst against Vachananda SwamijiScreenshot of Twitter video

An agitated BS Yeddyurappa suddenly got up and threaten to leave the stage, if he does not stop demanding it. The CM told Swamiji, "I am very well aware that the support of his community has a crucial role in him becoming the Chief Minister. But don't threaten me. You can advise but don't threaten."

While the Swami insisted that his community was demanding justice, home minister Basvraj Bommai tried to mollify him. Later, BS Yeddyurappa addressed the gathering and said, "17 MLAs including some ministers made sacrifices and are in Vanvas. Either co-operate with me in helping complete remaining three years of my term successfully, otherwise, I will resign because I am not addicted to power."

BS Yeddyurappa
Yeddyurappa said on Wednesday he was waiting for "blessings" from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.Twitter

The BJP swept recent by-polls winning 12 of the 15 seats. Post this election, Yeddyurappa has been under a lot of pressure to induct all the 11 rebel MLAs. The Chief Minister has been waiting for a green light from the BJP high command. Later, Murugesh Nirani speaking to reporters later said, "Yeddyurappa is like a father to us. Even if he says something it will be in our interest only."

Brijesh Kalappa tweeted the video of BS Yeddyurappa's outburst and mocked him. He wrote, "At this rate, @BSYBJP is bound to have yet another short-lived tenure " The clip started going viral on the social media immediately

Congress Spokesperson VS Ugrappa also taunted the CM saying, "Yeddyurappa is not a tiger but a rat. He is not able to even get even an audience with Modi. After promising to induct the rebel MLAs within 24 hours of winning, he hasn't been able to do anything. Wouldn't be surprised if he resigns due to political frustration and inability to have his way."