Fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has tested positive for the novel coronavirus pandemic. The 64-year-old gangster and his wife both have tested positive for the deadly virus. Dawood and his wife have been admitted to a military hospital in Karachi.

Dawood Ibrahim
There is no doubt that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan.YouTube screengrab

As per reports, Dawood Ibrahim's personal staff and other guards have been put under quarantine.

Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi

India's most wanted don and the D-company leader Dawood Ibrahim is believed to be hiding in Karachi, Pakistan and has been tracked by India for over two decades.

Earlier this year, former D-Company member Ejaz Lakdawala had revealed sensational details about Dawood Ibrahim. Lakdawala had disclosed two addresses of Dawood in India's nuclear-armed neighbour Pakistan.

Lakdawala said that Dawood's address in Pakistan is - 6A, Khayban Tanjim Phase-Five, Defense Housing Area, Karachi. While Dawood's second address is D-13, Block Four, Clifton, Karachi, stated Ejaz.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood IbrahimCreativeCommons

United Nations-designated terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is accused of plotting the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai in which over 250 people were killed. Dawood, who is also accused of masterminding other terror attacks, faces multiple charges of money laundering and extortion.

The mafia boss reportedly finances terrorist organisations, including al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Dawood has "amassed immense property in Pakistan" and frequently changed his hideouts in the country.

Pakistan reports 4,896 Covid-19 cases

Pakistan's covid-19 cases rose to 89,249 today after a record 4,896 new infections were reported in the country. Meanwhile, the death toll due to the coronavirus infections has reached 1,838, according to the data from the health ministry.

As many as 68 patients have died in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of National Health Service confirmed, saying taking the total death toll rose to 1,838, whereas another 31,198 people have recovered.