FedEx MD 11 plane N583FE suffered a runway excursion on Wednesday, June 3, on runway 14 at Mumbai Airport. The aircraft has reportedly gone out of runway end by 9 at least meters. However, no reported damage has been caused to the aircraft.

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There is no reported damage to the aircraft.Twitter

This comes as Mumbai is gearing up for one of its worst nightmares, Cyclone Nisarga, while in the middle of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the centre of the severe cyclone Nisarga is very close to the Maharashtra coast. The landfall process has started and it will be completed during the next three hours.The northeast sector of the eye of the cyclonic storm 'Nisarga' is entering into the land.

Do's & Dont's to stay safe!

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Trains rescheduled, diverted

The Central Railways rescheduled, diverted and regulated eight trains that were supposed to arrive/depart from the state capital on Wednesday.

Issuing a statement, the Central Railway (CR) said, "Five special trains departing from Mumbai have been rescheduled and three special trains will be either diverted or regulated enroute."

As per the Central Railways, the timings of 02542 LTT-Gorakhpur, 06345 LTT-Thiruvananthapuram, 01061 LTT-Darbhanga, 01071 LTT-Varanasi, 01019 CSMT-Bhubaneshwar special trains, which were scheduled to leave Mumbai area during daytime, were changed to night.

Similarly, special trains from Patna, Varanasi, and Thiruvananthapuram, which were scheduled to reach Mumbai during the daytime were regulated, and will now arrive before schedule.