It seems like just yesterday when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split and the latter's affair with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was the talk of the town. Since then a lot has happened, including the Jolie-Pitt split after ten years of companionship that resulted in their six beautiful children.

It's not just us fans who are surprised by soon the time flew by. Brad Pitt too seems to be shocked at the fact that his daughter Shiloh is soon turning 14. An exclusive source revealed to Hollywood Life that, Brad is quite shocked with the fact his daughter is growing up so fast.

The source revealed, "What is blowing Brad's mind most is that Shiloh is turning 14, the time really does go fast. He really wants to appreciate this time as much as possible and just wants to hang out and do whatever Shiloh wants to do, with a few surprises along the way."

Shiloh who is currently quarantining with her mom Angelina Jolie and other siblings is expected to have a quiet birthday at home. Because of the lockdown, she will not be able to have her friends at home, but dad Brad is likely to join in the celebrations. Although the source did reveal that a virtual party could be in the line, "Shiloh will be having a virtual party with her friends. She's at an age where it's hard on her that she can't have something special with her friends. So Angelina is planning a virtual thing for now and she has promised her a big do-over as soon as things are back to normal,"


Despite the divorce, Brad and Angelina have maintained a cordial relationship with a focus on their kids. The source added, "The one thing that Angelina and Brad have done to perfection is the way that they protect their kids. The one thing that they both want is for their kids have as much of a normal life as possible. So, when it comes to Shiloh's birthday, they want to make it fun and important for Shiloh, and they both plan to have their own separate celebrations."