Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have not been spotted together following their split more than 12 years ago. But it looks like Jimmy Kimmel is going to change a few things. If a claim by Radar Online is to be believed, the live TV show host is bringing the exes together on the small screen. The claim comes about a year after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's split.

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of 'The Mexican' in 2001.Getty Images

The gossip website published a story titled: "Brad & Jen Back Together! Pitt & Aniston to meet up in TV Tell-All" claiming that Kimmel is aiming at bringing the two together for a joint interview on his show and there are "pretty good" chances that it could happen.

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Citing a source close to the late night show host, Radar Online revealed that Kimmel has a plan that would bring the two stars together. According to the plan, he "sent a message to Brad that he's a welcome presence at the show, even just to hang out in the bar area backstage and schmooze."

The website notes that "Brad is a priority for Jimmy. He wants his show to be Brad's first stop from now on." The source also adds that the timing of the reunion is perfect given that Pitt is "free of" Angelina Jolie. "Jimmy thinks he can make this happen. He's really tight with Jen and she trusts him," the insider added.

If this does happen, Kimmel is going to make history with the TRP. However, fans embrace for a huge disappointment, there is no such thing planned by Kimmel or ABC. According to a Gossip Cop source close to ABC, there is no such thing being planned by the channel or the show.

Calling the story fake, the gossip website also reached out to Pitt's source and the insider confirmed, "no one from the talk show has approached him with such a proposal," Gossip Cop wrote.

Ever since the Brangelina broke up, numerous gossip websites have been fabricating stories about Pitt and Aniston's reunion. So it is not a shocker that such rumours are also doing the rounds.