The collection of old big-ticket Telugu movies like "Akhil: The Power of Jua" and "Kanche" has been affected by this week's new release "Kumari 21F" at the US box office.

The much-hyped "Akhil: The Power of Jua", which marks the debut of Akkineni family scion Akhil, was released in over 150 cinema halls in North America on 11 November. The movie garnered an average response from the viewers with its collection reaching $160,645 (Rs 1.06 crore) at the US box office in the first weekend.

But in its second week, the screen count of "Akhil" has been reduced to nil by "Kumari 21F", which has been released in over 88 cinema halls across the country. The Akhil Akkineni and Sayesha Sehgal starrer has collected $1,067 from 4 screens at the US box office in the second weekend and its 12-day-total collection stands at $168,273 (Rs 1.11 crore).

"Kanche" is another big ticket movie and it features mega family hero Varun Tej. The Krish-directed war drama film was released in 130+ cinema halls across North America on 22 October. Despite clashing with Shahid Kapoor's "Shaandaar", the movie has turned out to be one of the big money spinners of the year. It has crossed the mark of half million dollar at the US box office.

"Kanche" was holding 5 cinema halls in the country in its fourth week, "Kumari 21F" forced it out of three theatres and has also taken a toll on its collection. The Varun Teja and Pragya Jaiswal starrer has collected just $896 from two screens at the US box office in its fifth weekend. Its 31-day US total collection stands at $527,724 (Rs 3.50 crore).

However, "Kumari 21F", starring Raj Taran and Hebah Patel in the lead roles, was released in 88 cinema halls across the country. The movie has collected $188,457 (Rs 1.25 crore) at the US box office in its opening weekend. It has become another big Tollywood money spinner of the year.