Borat 2 is making headlines all over the world. A bit of controversy, and a lot of humour, Sacha Baron Cohen is back with another mockumentary that is sure to tickle your funny bone. While the entire movie might be shot in the US setting, Borat seems to understand his following in India, which is why he wanted to promote his new controversial film the best way he knows - do a crossover with another funny impersonating personality Nograj aka Danish Sait.

The short video lasting a little over 3 minutes has surely left Indians wanting for more. Perhaps a stint featuring the two comics in the portrayal of their funny characters. That's still a thought for now, but those three minutes were enough to enjoy the best of Borat and Nograj with a special mention of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. Yes, that's right!

Borat praises Modi

Borat praises Modi

Amidst all the humour talk, a slight tension was felt when Borat mentioned Narendra Modi. Although he was all praise for the Indian prime minister, Danish Sait didn't want to take chances as he quickly steered clear of the topic. Nothing to see here, except Borat's confidence in PM Modi to crush COVID-19 pandemic.

After a hilarious Q&A, Borat starts with "how about your president Modi?" Well, he's the prime minister, but Indians get the drift here.

He further adds: "I hear he's a strong man who can crush pandemic." Agreeing with Borat, Sait smoothly shifts the topic to Borat 2, the movie, which is why Cohen actually came on the show for. You can watch the clip below: