If you had the time of your life going through the first-ever Dead Souls, and not so much with Dead Souls II, it's about time you took up the upcoming Bloodborne, a PS4 exclusive that promises a brilliant mix of storytelling, combat system and, of course, the inclusion of the Chalice Dungeon system.

Bloodborne forces players to face their fears as they search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. There's danger, death and madness lurking around every corner of this dark and gothic world, and players must discover its darkest secrets to survive.

If that doesn't sound interesting enough for your appetite, here are six big reasons why you must play Bloodborne this year.

Matchless Multiplayer Experience

Bloodborne may have a great storyline to offer, but that doesn't mean that the guys at FromSoftware are letting go of the multiplayer side of things. Be it co-op, PVP or anything else, you can always summon friends or even complete strangers to help you in your quest. Besides, you will face threats and challenges from other players and hunters who are online. However, the biggest fun lies in the fact that you can share your Chalice Dungeon with friends and strangers, keeping the experience as fresh as ever.

Modified Guns and Weapons

Taking cues from similar games in the past, Bloodborne is looking at a more enhanced way of handling guns and weapons for the players in the game. For starters, most weapons will feature two different modes of attack that will look to support the varied play styles you might adopt for the game. Moreover, different modes for each weapon mean an openly versatile play style and, of course, a great chance to feed the undead more lead.

Chalice Dungeon

Another big reason to play Bloodborne is related to the Chalice Dungeon concept laid out by the guys over at FromSoftware. Chalice Dungeons will take you deep into the underground city of Yharnam, where you can explore the many levels and structures by using holy chalices. Players will have to battle traps and terrifying creatures to survive and reap rewards. Also know that each time a portal opens, the dungeon's structure will change. Confusing much?

Unique Level Architecture

Bloodborne presents quite the nightmarish and gothic Victorian setting that will surely bring a few goosebumps to all those who play it. But what's interesting in the in-game gothic presentation are the different buildings and structures that you will find around you in the game. Bloodborne brings a rather maze-like architecture filled with hidden doors, hidden traps, enemy ambushes and treasures. Plus, this architecture also, almost seamlessly, merges into the Chalice Dungeon feature.

The Hidetaka Miyazaki Influence

If you have played the Dark Souls (especially the first one), you will know a thing or two about talented Japanese game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. It was all due to Miyazaki that we still, to this very day, play and discuss the first Dark Souls. The game was one of its kind and laid the foundation of such gothic style titles in the industry. The disappointment related to Dark Souls was more evident since Miyazaki wasn't around when it was being made. But Bloodborne is something that's again a dark brainchild of Miyazaki, and we are expecting the game to be one of the best this year.

These five reasons speak volumes why Bloodborne is set to be one of the best titles this year. And if you are indeed taken back by the ones scripted, this is surely the cue you have been waiting to buy a brand new PS4. Although the game is indeed a PS4 exclusive, we feel that this title alone could be the reason to drive sales of PS4 this year.