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Paul Begley, renowned Christian televangelist has claimed that the blood moon which will appear on Friday, July 27 has already triggered natural disasters all across the globe.

In a recent talk delivered on his YouTube channel, Begley argued that humans are going through the end times, and made it clear that the impact of the upcoming cosmic event would bring chaos on the planet.

The Christian conspiracy theorist also warned that a catastrophic event will shake the earth on Saturday. Paul Begley indicated that the Hawaii earthquake on Friday which measured 5.3 on the Richter scale is just a beginning. As per Begley, the world is going to witness more such events in the future which will finally result in the inevitable doomsday.

Paul Begley made it clear that he has reached these assumptions after analyzing various Biblical prophecies. Begley argues that the connection between an increased number of earthquakes and doomsday was mentioned in Bible thousands of years ago. He also added that the elevating tension surrounding World War 3, and the rise of chaos in the Middle East are other visible signs of a possible apocalypse.

Begley also predicted the possibilities of a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone on Saturday. The Christian televangelist made it clear that the world will not suddenly end on Friday, but he assured that humans in today's generation are going through the end times.

According to Paul Begley, the blood moon on July 27 is special for many reasons. After analyzing Biblical prophecies, he argues that earthquakes and other natural disasters happen whenever the sun and the moon turn dark.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that the blood moon on Friday is the first indication of Nibiru's arrival. As per these theorists, rogue planet, Nibiru is now in its collision course toward earth, and once it hits our planet, it will cause massive devastations in all nooks of the globe.

These conspiracy theorists argue that the recent phenomena in Russia which turned the day sky completely dark is an indication that Nibiru has reached somewhere near the earth.