mobile phone explodes
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In a freak accident, an 18-year-old construction worker from Bihar working in Bengaluru, lost his fingers after his cell phone exploded for using it while he had kept it for charging.

The incident took place at a construction site at Whitefield on April 11, while the teenager was having lunch with his colleagues and was on a video chat on his Jip phone that was kept for charging. His co-workers were left in a shock when they saw a sudden blast and the guy screaming in pain with his fingers scattered on the floor.

The unidentified victim was rushed to the nearby Vydehi Hospital for immediate care around 4 pm. Even after conducting the surgery, the doctors were unable to save his three fingers on the left hand that had detached from his body due to the impact of the blast. The doctors were also shocked by the incident as this was the first case of phone blast reported from Bengaluru.

The victim suffered from blood loss but the doctors still conducted a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as his left hand had been severed and needed proper care.

"We started the surgery only by 9 pm since we needed him to be on an empty stomach for at least six hours before surgery. The surgery lasted three hours. We tried to save his index finger but it was completely shattered and had to be removed too. He is doing well now and is still in the hospital," said Dr Vashisht, reports Bangalore Mirror.

The surgery was performed by Dr Apoorva SS, Dr Chaithanya and Dr Vashisht Dikshit from the Department of Plastic Surgery of Vydehi Hospital with just 100 ml of blood loss. The doctors removed a patch of skin from the victim's groin area to cover the area of the removed fingers, as to prevent the area from getting infected, adds the report.

The Whitefield has recorded the statement from the teenager as a medico-legal case has been filed over the incident. However, the victim is supposed to be discharged within a week said the hospital authorities.