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Neeranjan Bhaskar, a painter from India's eastern state of Bihar, has been eating raw snakes everyday as part of his meal in the past three decades.

Bhaskar claimed that he has been addicted to eating snake's flesh since he was seven years old. He also likes to drink the reptile's blood which he says tastes like raw milk.

Every morning, Bhaskar goes to the bank of the Ghagra River in Bihar in search of snakes. The first time he ate a snake was in 1977 when he was on his way to school. A cobra appeared in front of him, leaving him in shock.

When his efforts to get rid of the snake proved futile. he started biting and chewing it until he fully gobbled it up. Since then, he had started eating the reptile regularly.     

Initially, his parents were not aware of his strange and unusual habit. It was only when Bhaskar turned 14 when his father noticed his addiction.

"My father tried to convince me to abandon my inclination towards reptiles but I had already developed an addiction for the snakes," Bhaskar told The Telegraph.

Bhaskar, who has eaten more than 10,000 snakes till now, wants to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. He has four daughters and has trained them to deal with snakes.

"They do not eat snakes but play with them," Bhaskar said.

His neighbours in Ranchi district have also accepted his strange eating habit.

"He has been my neighbour for about three years and this is the third time I have seen him eating snake. First time, I found him eating a cobra. He eats snakes, starting by their tails," said Rajendra Mahto, Bhaskar's neighbour.