Pritam Singh in Bigg Boss 8 house
Pritam Singh at the grand finale of "Bigg Boss 8"

"Bigg Boss 8" contestant Pritam Singh's mother and wife may be upset with his decision to quit the show by taking ₹25 lakh at the grand finale, but viewers say it was 'wise' and 'perfect'.

The grand finale witnessed five contestants – Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna, Pritam Singh, Ali Quli and Dimpy Mahajan – as finalists in the show. After Ali and Dimpy were evicted, the remaining three were called on stage and were sent to a secret room after three rounds of tests.

Gautam, Karishma and Pritam were standing before buzzers in the room. Then, the host of the show, Farah Khan told them that they have an offer: a briefcase consisting ₹25 lakh. Anyone who was not confident of winning the title was free to accept the money and quit the show by hitting the buzzer. 

While Gautam and Karishma looked baffled at the offer, Pritam Singh made a quick decision, without having a second thought and told other contestants that he would prefer to call it quits. The other two contestants, who seemed to be confused, tried to convince him not to do so. 

Pritam's wife and mother were also annoyed with his decision and made an attempt to convince him to change his decision. But since they were outside the secret room, their advice went unheeded. Finally, he hit the buzzer and walked away with ₹25 lakh.

When he came out of the room, his wife hurled anger against him. She said she did not love money and she wanted him to be in the final race. She added his decision upset her. He tried to defend his decision before his wife and mother, but was unable to do so.

Later, Rajat Sharma, who was one of the chief guests for the grand finale, congratulated him and said he made the right decision because he was not the winner of the show "Bigg Boss 8". Pritam was happy and tried to tell his mother and wife that he was indeed right.  

Many viewers felt that Pritam made the right decision by accepting the cash offer. Here are some of their comments on Twitter, in which they called him 'smart' and termed his decision 'wise' and 'perfect'.

Arun Maharjan ‏@arunmaharjan7

#bb8 pritam did the right thing smart man he is

Shashank Ahuja ‏@shashankahuja61

@iampritampyaare You are the actual winner of dz game. U were the most sensible person in #BB8 . .although m very hppy with ur decision. .

Shraddha Gupta ‏@er_shraddha

Wise decision by #pritamsingh ... He already earned hearts then t not get some money too #BB8

Faiza loves Pritam ‏@Dr_FaizaK

@iampritampyaare please tell Aman that we fans are very happy with decision.Glad you took the briefcase and won 25 lacs.Well deserved #BB8

Bineet Singh ‏@bineetsingh07

Pritam took the right decision His wife had faith but there was no way he could win! Congratulations Pritam Singh #GautamWinsBiggBoss #BB8

SuraJ KuMaR ‏@SuRaJ6995

Something is better than nothing Pritam was right in taking 25 lakhs and walk out #Bb8.

Mazher ‏@mazher50

Pritam's decision for 25L was perfect as all viewers knew #BB8 already decided winner as Gautam and no surprise winner this time

Megha ‏@megha_princess

Pritam took a good decision taking dat 25lakhs suitcase.. Sensible man nd a sensible decision.. #PritamSinghOurPride #BiggBossFinale #BB8

Manjari Bajpai ‏@BajpaiManjari

Will miss u #BB8 @iampritampyaare u took rite decision we as fan support u @TheGautamGulati great you won ✌ @themohitgulati congos to u 2

Arshian Masroor ‏@ArshianM

Perfect decision by Pritam.He is the true winner :) #BB8

Ashwin P ‏@ASHDKP 13h13 hours ago

Hats off to pritam for accepting 25 lakhs #BB8 real winner

Glam Khan ‏@GlamKhan

Pritam's wife publically humiliated him for making a wise decision & winning 25 Lakh.

Nagesh Fadnavis ‏@piditpati

I think #pritamsingh made a right decision.. Everyone comes to #BB8 to earn money n fame.. U shud have atleast one of them

Sanyukta VN ‏@chinu930

We gonna miss #BB8 I think #pritamsingh decision was good...

Sana ‏@SanaJDB

we'll miss you so much @iampritampyaare 25 lakhs! we're soooo PROUD of you! you took wise decision and made your fans HAPPIEST #BB8