Adarsh Balakrishna and Prince
Adarsh Balakrishna and Prince

Many TV viewers are upset with host Jr NTR blaming Adarsh Balakrishna for Prince's elimination from the house of Bigg Boss Telugu. Some of them termed it unfair and even expressed anger over not allowing Balakrishna to speak.

Earlier, five participants had been listed for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu. Three among them were made 'safe,' while Prince and Adarsh aka Ady remained in danger zone. Before announcing the name of the person to be evicted, Jr NTR said that he wanted to speak to him badly on one aspect.

Jr NTR said, "Wildcard entrants are given equal importance and that is the rule followed in all versions of Bigg Boss. We have to follow the same rule without questioning in the Telugu version too."

The host asked, "You had your doubts on Navdeep during the selection of captaincy, as he is a wildcard entrant. Why didn't you have the same doubt about Diksha Panth, who is also a wildcard entry?"

Jr NTR continued, "You were one of the people, who helped Diksha to become captain of the house. If she was not captain and didn't get the immunity, she would have probably been in the nomination list. Prince kept on alerting you, but you went on to nominate Diksha. What changed you so much?"

He added, "You don't know what big blunder you committed and that mistake made you and Prince to be nominated for the elimination. You have lost your friend Prince because of this mistake."

Adarsh wanted to say his side of the story, but Jr NTR did not allow him. He asked Prince to pack his bags and come out of the house. However, the host's treatment of Adarsh has not gone down well with many. Hundreds of viewers took to Twitter to blast the actor-turned-host. Here are some comments.

Prince with Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu
Prince with Jr NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu

Kranthi kumar‏ @UrsKranti

Felt very bad very bad for #Aadarsh today in #BiggBossTelugu He never used anyone...what is wrong in Being himself??

Kris‏ @Kingkk1111

#BiggBossTelugu Adarsh asked for reason and you cut short him. Don't blame if you don't have courage to answer @tarak9999 @StarMaa

Krishna Kanth‏ @KK_gundapaneni

I hate today's episode as NTR targeted Adarsh..then wtz the use of voting system...totally unfair #BiggBossTelugu @StarMaa

Meher Kilaru‏ @Kilaruness

Tuned in at the end of today's episode of #BiggBossTelugu felt really bad to see Adarsh being cornered. What happened? Someone tell me plz.

MegaPowerStar‏ @tammudabhimani 3h3 hours ago

I believe Tarak yesterday completely failed as a Host. Blaming Adarsh for prince eviction is nonsense. #BiggBossTelugu

Sabavat chandu‏ @sabavatchandu

Lost all the impression on Jr NTR, that was a blunder judgement on adarsh. He deserved a reply at least.#BiggBossTelugu

madhan‏ @madhanmonika1

Adarsh responsible cricket player, good human.He Quit smoking suddenly and suffering with those effects #biggbosstelugu #WesupportAdarsh

❤HONEST GIRL❤‏ @BiggBossAddict 4m4 minutes ago

#BiggBossTelugu NTR blamed Aadarsh for prince's eviction Then where was he whn Prince gave crawling big bomb 2 Deeksha who had knee surgery

karthik‏ @bkarthik5555 4h4 hours ago

Blaming Adarsh for eviction of prince is foolish.If prince had got Audience support he would have saved. #biggbosstelugu

Aruna vedula karra‏ @Aruna272

@tarak9999 nxt week plzz make it clear it wasn't adarsh fault.prince got evicted coz ppl stopped liking him #BiggBossTelugu

Sumanth‏ @Sumanth__

So winner equations will be changed from now. Aadarsh might be in the winning race again due to heavy sympathy on him #BiggBossTelugu

swathi‏ @swathu678s

Its unfair to blame adarsh.. sure he z nt dat person... @tarak9999 plz clarify dat sir.. he z geniue.. #BiggBossTelugu Being a host yu can't stand on one side. blaming adarsh z totally wrng. How can yu say deeksha vl go.. @tarak9999 #BiggBossTelugu

madhan‏ @madhanmonika1

Is Biggboss jealous of friendship or NTR feeling low in front of Prince #BiggBossTelugu #WesupportAdarsh #Prince @tarak9999

Anil Pavan Miriyala‏ @anilpavan

Y Blame #Aadarsh for #prince exit absolutely wrong. He was being sincere to support.. @tarak9999 #BiggBossTelugu

Telangana Girl‏ @MsTelangana

@tarak9999 lost all my respect for u after the way u treated Adharsh.U didn't even let him talk.U made a big mistake,not him.#BiggBossTelugu

R@J_Pawan Kalyan‏ @BeYourselfRaJ

The way they used Aadarsh name for Prince eviction is Shame n Cheap tricks by #BiggBossTelugu Did BB thinking tht ppl watching r blind? BAD

Sid S‏ @mohansidd

#BiggBossTelugu @tarak9999 looked like an imperial scum in today's show, blaming Adarsh, shutting him off w/o explanation#EpicFail