With most of the contestants in the nominations for the weekend elimination, there has been tension in the 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' house. Going by the voting patterns, viewers have started to analyse which of the contestants are going to be safe from elimination.

As per the previous eliminations and the current voting patterns, three of the housemates are going to be in the danger zone. With only 11 members left in the reality show now, the competition has been growing harder day by day.

Bigg Boss Telugu

RJ Kajal is probably one of the house members who is in the danger zone this week. This analysis is not based on the votes, but on her bonding with the inmates. Kajal is one of the most opposed contestants by the inmates.

Vishwa and Jessie are two of the housemates who are going to feel the threat of elimination from the Bigg Boss house on the weekend. Though Vishwa is a strong contender, his game is not visible to the viewers. So, among the other contenders, Vishwa has this drawback which might land him in the elimination this week.

Also, Jessie, who is one of the good contenders, seems to be in the danger zone. As Jessie's health is not good, he has been away from most of the tasks. So, this might have an impact on the voting, which might be a threat to Jessie's presence in the Big Boss house.