Sreemukhi's overacting during this week's captaincy task in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Sreemukhi's overacting during this week's captaincy task in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of StarMaa video

Many viewers are upset with anchor Sreemukhi's overacting during this week's captaincy task in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and they requested host Akkineni Nagarjuna to eliminate her from the house.

Star Maa has released a new promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, which offers a glimpse of this week's captaincy task. Besides the video, the TV channel tweeted, "#CaptaincyTask lo win ayyedevaro guess cheyandi for heaven sake? #BiggBossTelugu3 Today at 9:30 PM on @StarMaa."

The promo begins with the announcement about this week's captaincy task. Rahul and Himaja, Shilpa Baba Baskar, Ravi and Sreemukhi are seen playing as teams. One from each of these pairs is in the box, while the other defend him/her from outside. The housemates are seen throwing sand at them. At some point of time in the promo, angry Sreemukhi is seen shouting, "I said it's falling on the face. For heavens sake."

This promo shows that this week's captaincy task of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is going to be very exciting and many viewers can't wait to watch this episode tonight. But most of them are irritated by Sreemukhi's attitude and overacting. They say that she sets her own rule during every task and requested Nagarjuna to eliminate her for her overacting. Here is how some viewers have reacted. 

Chanu @Chanu84134260

#sreemukhi stop your over involving in every matter. And provoking #RahulSipligunj and if yu loose take it in sportive dont create scene nd don't change in yr favour..stop influencing

& Royal Enfield @cricketmovies

Eliminate that over action sreemukhi for heavy sake and that idiot Ali arrogant

CricFan @Cena87

Heaven sake wanna see Rahul as captain and wanna see Sri Mukhi reactions!

Srikanth @MissionSrikanth

Srimukhi will create her own rules during the task. She don't know how to play the task at all.

Kumari @Kumari28193965

Nagarjuna : sreemukhi awesome Contestants : sreemukhi strong Public : sreemukhi negative chepthee kadaa.. Thana behavior change ayindho ledo telisedhii. Example Vithikaa Mahesh entha change.. So plz star maa sree negatives cheptha thana game plan change chesthadhii

Ajay Chaitanya @ajayaja143

Aammaaa #Sreemukhi moham meda padite pakkaki povachhu ga? Addamina reasons cheppi game ni game avvakunda chestunnav.. nv emi queen vi kadu, ninnu gelidaniki migatavallu odipovadaniki... Please play game as a contestant FOR GOD'S SAKE #BiggBossTelugu3

Veerender @Veeren11397

#srimukhi face pina wanted ga kottaru adi kanpiyada emana sketch aa.mi fav pvvr batch valaki sympathy create chesesav.last captaincy lo Varn or rahul win ayela design chesav.rahul ki takva votes ochina rohini ni bakra chesav.ipudu captaincy istav #biggbosstelugu3


#Srimukhi prathi task lo prathi okkari Game thane adali anukuntundha yenti Prathi sari ala cheyodhu ela cheyodhu ani andharini command chestadhi‍♂️ Yevaru mata vinadam ledhu ani frustration kuda chupistadhi anukunta ‍♂️ Yevarikaina chupiyandayya @StarMaa? #BiggBossTelugu3