Samrat makes it to the finale with the help of the majority of the  housemates
Samrat makes it to the finale with the help of the majority of the housematesHotstar

Actor Samrat Reddy has made it to the finale after he was saved by the housemates during the tasks.

Bigg Boss had given a couple of tasks for the housemates to make it to the finale. Tanish, Samrat, Roll Rida, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Geetha Madhuri had come to a mutual understanding during the task and had decided to send Roll Rida and Samrat to the next level.

Despite the trails by Kaushal, Roll Rida lost the task to Samrat. As Samrat had the support of the majority of housemates, he was successful in the completion of the task.

Bigg Boss announced Samrat as the first housemate to enter the finale. Days away from the finale, housemates having a mutual understanding to make one person win has drawn a huge negativity.

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"If tasks were meant to be done with deals, why involve physical tasks at the first place? The makers could have asked the members to vote for a single person whom they want to send to the finale right?" one of the regular followers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 asked.

Most of the viewers believe that only Kaushal had played the task well, as he was not inclined towards anyone and keeps playing his individual game.

"The housemates other than Kaushal are really dumb. To support Samrat to reach finale will just lose them a position for themselves into the finale", opines a social media user.