Kaushal in Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Kaushal in Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Contestant Kaushal nominated Babu Gogineni for the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 for criticizing director SS Rajamouli and viewers criticized him saying that it is gimmick to garner votes.

Big boss asked each contestant to nominate two housemates and give reasons for it. All the participants nominated two people each and they gave some genuine reasons for it. Kaushal, who came in the end, nominated Nandini Rai for cheating him and Babu Gogineni for criticizing SS Rajamouli and MM Keeravani.

Kaushal said, "Babu Sir! You don't believe in god. But SS Rajamouli is a god for all the actors, directors and the Telugu film industry. MM Keeravani is a god for music. You criticised them after entering the house and that is the first mistake. You said that being an atheist, Rajamouli went to Mantralaya. It is his wish and he will go. There is no need to criticise him."

Kaushal warned Babu Gogineni, "You can't do it in the Bigg Boss house, because he is a great personality and he has taken our industry to international level. I can't tolerate it as an actor, if you say anything about him. So I am nominating you."

Kaushal talking to Roll Rida in Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Kaushal talking to Roll Rida in Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

It is well known that Babu Gogineni, who is a rationalist and human rights activist, made some critical remarks against SS Rajamouli during an interview to a leading TV channel and it is before he entered the house. It is not clear whether he did it inside the house, as it is not shown. Hence, many viewers resorted to troll Kaushal, claiming that it is his gimmick to garner the votes of all the Telugu film goers.

Chandra mouli‏ @bhchandramouli

No one is sure about it, and no body knows/watched when that Rajamouli issue discussed in the house. Eventhough Rajamouli is not playing #biggbosstelugu2. One can access, this is part of Kaushal's game plan, as he is ready to do anything for winning the game.

Gopikrish Kandru‏ @gopikrishkandru

#BiggBossTelugu2 kaushal nominating Babu gogineni. Is it the dumbest reason anyone ever gave to nominate someone or is it one of those cheap shots to get noticed by rajamouli, that's even more dumber!! #dumbarmy freak out!!! dhu dhu dhu!!

Rocky‏ @Rocky82628487

#BiggBossTelugu2 I don't understand why kaushal had to raise that rajamouli topic. He could've instead raised that captaincy issue that babu paid him less. Now HMs and Nani got a reason to roast him. But I really can't understand why he would raise such a topic. He did a mistake

Bigg Ross‏ @Ozaaark

Babu Gogineni would have made those comments about SS Rajamouli during the movie task last week. But @StarMaa didn't show that to protect Babu. Kaushal is well within his right to nominate him for that reason because it happened only last week #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy

Sandy‏ @sandhya14032

#BiggBossTelugu2 can somebody post the clip where babu criticised rajamouli sir? #kaushal #KaushalArmy

♂ ρα૨૨µ♂‏ @itsme_ps1

#biggbosstelugu2 I was very impressed with #kaushal's speech during nominations But highly disappointed after knowing that #babugogineni didn't spoke abt rajamouli issue in BB house Nominating with the reason dat didn't happen in the show is senseless& inappropriate

Vicky‏ @VlCKY_264

Dear #Kaushal , do u think #KaushalArmy is a bunch of fools to believe in what u say ? Just taking out Rajamouli name and trying to get Support won't work, play genuine without ny support like how u used to do.. Make #KaushalArmy proud #BiggBossTelugu2

Somesh Bhat‏ @BhatSomesh

#biggbosstelugu2 guys @babu rajamouli ni criticize chestey aa footage @starmaa ela telecast chestundi anukuntunnaru? Syamala deepthi @janasena pk gurinchi matladithe vallani biggboss gattiga warn chesadu.. So don't think they will telecast that kind of footage...#kaushalarmy ♥️