Bigg Boss Telugu 2 eliminations Live updates
Ganesh, Deepti, and Nandini Rai are in the nominations for eliminations today.Star Maa

Kaushal Army, which is under the impression that Nani is biased as the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, are threatening to boycott his upcoming movie Devadas, which is set for release on September 27.

As host of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Nani has done a brilliant job and proved his title 'Natural star'. But he has been facing a lot of criticism on social media, ever since the show was launched. Initially, it was fans of Bigg Boss Telugu 1 host Jr NTR, who drew comparisons between him and Nani. The debate on how the former was better than the current host created a lot of buzz in the media for a few weeks.

As weeks passed by, Kaushal amassed a huge fan following for himself and emerged as a hero for the audience, who were organized under a group called Kaushal Army. Many fans of Kaushal started feeling that Nani is biased and they have gone on to troll the host several times. Anything and everything he said against or in support of Kaushal has impacted Nani as a host.

Nani with Nagarjuna in Devadas
Nani with Nagarjuna in DevadasTwitter

The impact has grown to such a level that it started posing threat to Nani's career with many Kaushal fans threatening to boycott his next outing Devadas. Some of them are openly announcing it on social media and also provoking others to do it. Here are some of their comments posted on Twitter.

KaushalArmy‏ @KaushalArmy8

75% of total voted are ready to Boycott #DevDas. Its a shame on your Hosting @NameisNani . @iamnagarjuna garu check how this @NameisNani had made a big Impact on your Movie. Still anyone There to Vote. They can Vote genuinely. #KaushalArmy

Kaushal Army‏ @kaushalarmy34

Jai #Kaushal...#KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2 @NameisNani ee week power chudu & next week nee movie clip fix aipo because you're the biased host ever in any show in world, so you deserve #Devdas flop & sorry @iamnagarjuna garu only because of #Nani vala mee movie flop avthundi.

Hanumantha Rao.S @harishdktgmail

Hi Nag sir, we are not going to watch Devadas movie because Nani is acted in this movie. I feel he is very biased when he is hosting , always trying to elevate Geetha and Tanish and Target Kaushal , please interfere sir , Jail Kaushal Army

Kiran‏ @Brahmi__

Distributors of Devdas Beware of NaniThis guy may bring a lot of loss to you. Coz he's going against public opinion. #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2

Nitish B‏ @Nitish_blue

I feel Devdas should not be impacted with wateva happening in biggboss, as an actor he struggled n reached thr, cannot compare 2 unequal things, star maa is responsible for all chaos jus to gain trp, #myopinion #KaushalArmy @NameisNani

Sreedhar‏ @Sreetwees

DISLIKE #devdas trailer. Nani trailer is out Are you ready to show cinema to him #KaushalArmy #Kaushal #BiggBossTelugu2 #nameisnani

Soujanya Mitte‏ @SoujanyaMitte

It seems like @NameisNani 's Movie "DEVDAS" is in the Nominations for this weekend. I hope he gets away from elimination. If he acts unfair Movie Fasak! @StarMaa @endemolshine @EndemolShineIND #SayNoToFavoritism#NaniWeDemandYouToBeFair #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy

Bigg boss‏ @IamtheBiggboss

#KaushalArmy Be cautious guys, there is high chances of Nani praising kaushal this weekend. Dont fall into his prey.. We will watch Devdas only after Kaushal gets the title. #BiggBossTelugu2

Govardhana Ramana‏ @Govardhanaraman

As expected @NameisNani proved himself one of the worst host ever television had...we wish #devdas will be a big disaster #KaushalArmy #biggbosstelugu2 @StarMaa

Freakinheart‏ @freakinheartt

Let us all unfollow @NameisNani and make devdas movie a utter flop and show the power of common man #BiggBossTelugu2 #kaushalarmy

But Nani's fans believe that the campaign run by Kaushal Army on social media will not affect Devadas, as the Natural star is more popular and has a bigger fanbase than Kaushal. Some of the people in the Kaushal Army are also fans of Nani and they decline to boycott Devadas and they will watch it in cinema halls.

Dev‏ @Dev_Tweetz

Nani Has 3M followers.. And This #KaushalArmy has barely 20k followers..And they say they will FLOP, BOYCOTT #Devdas.. How Foolish and Funny.. #flipstarkaushal #fake2kwalk #KaushalunfitforBB #fakekaushalarmy

Karthik Chaganti‏ @karthikcvs

Being Movie Lover 1st I Loved #DevaDasTrailer Trailer... looks Promising,Superbbbb Even Im frm #KaushalarmyI liked the #Devdas...But not U @NameisNani #BigBossTelugu2