Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi blame Kaushal, claiming he touched them inappropriately.
Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi blame Kaushal, claiming he touched them inappropriately.Star Maa

As predicted, the contestants have gone way too far to perform the tasks given by Bigg Boss in the recent episode. Divided as good and bad teams, the contestants were given some tasks, in which the bad team has emerged the winner.

Otherwise, Thursday's episode created a disarray among the contestants, with Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi blaming Kaushal and pointing out his character. Tejaswi started provocating Bhanu, and both of them slam Kaushal by targeting him personally.

The good and bad teams were competing with each other, for the apple task. Both the teams were in desperate need of points. From the beginning, Tejaswi and Bhanu Sree were trying to portray the opposite team in a wrong way.

When Bhanu Sree was at the apple tree, holding it tight, Deepti and Nandini tried to divert the attention of the opposite team, by pulling the bark of the tree. Bhanu Sree started claiming that the girls had become physical in terms of the task.

Tejaswi hardly knew what was happening, but tried to create a ruckus over the topic. She argued with Deepti and tried to prove her point. Deepti and Nandini backed off.

Tanish and Kaushal were seen trying their best with the support of their teammates to win in the task, they helped their teammates without being jailed. In an attempt to catch up with the apples, Kaushal tried to grab it from Nandini and Geeta Madhuri.

Bhanu screamed and shouted at Kaushal, claiming that he touched her chest and tried to molest her. Tejaswi, who is not even sure if he had really touched her or not, started blaming Kaushal and pointing out at his character.

Bhanu and Tejaswi started overreacting over Kaushal's trial and portrayed that he tried to touch her inappropriately. Kaushal was stunned over the allegations Bhanu made on him. Despite his bid to clear the air, Tejaswi started manipulating Bhanu and provocated her saying he had touched her intentionally.

The duo crossed all the barriers and even threw the apples at Kaushal framing him like a bad character, who had touched a lady inappropriately. Geeta Madhuri slammed Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi not to make comments on anybody's character. She cleared the air saying she was there and extended support to Kaushal.

Tejaswi and Bhanu then tried to play the victim game, by blaming him on such a delicate point. Geeta Madhuri became furious over her own team members when they were trying to manipulate the game, by degrading someone's character for the sake of a task.

Tejaswi and Bhanu grabbed a huge backlash over this issue. There are trolls and negative messages everywhere. Tejaswi has managed to grab the highest negativity, with her dominant nature and manipulative game plans so far.