Kaajal eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil
Kaajal eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Kaajal has ended her short journey in Bigg Boss Tamil. Her elimination was expected as she had failed to make any impact on the viewers during her stay in the house. Snehan and Aarav were also facing the elimination. In the end, she got lesser votes than the other two.

After being evicted, Kaajal shared about her experience about Bigg Boss Tamil with Kamal Haasan. She claimed that she was happy for being part of the show and claimed that she was sure of not getting a longer stay in the reality show considering her straight-forward behaviour.

She also revealed that the inmates were wearing masks and not revealing their true faces. According to her, the contestants are controlling their emotions and not being themselves in order to be safe in the house.

However, her comments have been welcomed by the audience, who feel that she deserved to be in the house for a few more weeks. Netizens say that she was better person than Aarav and Snehan as they feel that the other two inmates were not honest.

Meanwhile, Julie and Harathi's stay have been extended by one week. They had re-entered Kamal Haasan's show for just one week.

Julie failing to get image makeover
Julie may have admitted her mistakes and regretted some of her earlier behaviours, but the audience seem like are unwilling to accept her shortcomings. She re-entered the house with the hopes of winning the viewers' love, but the audience, especially the fans of Oviya, have continued to target her online citing that she is faking to be a good person.

"Snake might shed its skin, but its nature never changes," Harathi had made a remark on Julie and the viewers have a similar feeling.

Julie came to bad books of the audience after backstabbing Oviya and spreading lies about her. This eventually paved way for her elimination. 

However, Julie continued to be the favourite character of meme creators as they are coming out with hilarious creations. We bring to you selected-few posts here: