Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil
Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Gayathri Raghuram and Juliana aka Julie have apparently not learnt a lesson yet even after the eliminations of Namitha and Harathi Ganesh. It is because they continue to treat Oviya badly despite knowing that she is enjoying a huge support from the audience.

In the latest teasers, Gayathri and Julie are seen snubbing Oviya again. The Sandamarutham actress apparently wants to bury the hatchet with Julie and tries to address the issue. But Julie is in no mood to listen and completely ignores her.

Julie was caught red handed by Kamal Haasan for spreading lies about Oviya that led to a lot of issues in the house last week. Although the complete footage of their conversation was played to give a clarity, Julie continued to claim her innocence in the issue. 

Leaving the bitter episode behind, Oviya, who was innocent in the entire episode, tried to sort out the issues. In spite of backstabbing, Julie has been unwilling to solve the issue. 

In another new teaser, Julie is seen saying that people lie to save their people and she is no different. "It's okay to be an angry person but shouldn't be seen as a gullible person," Gayathri adds to the conversation, taking a dig at Oviya. 

Watch the conversation below:

Looking at the current teasers, the issues between Oviya and others are unlikely to be solved anytime soon. With no elimination this week, the drama will only intensify in the days to come.

However, Oviya continues to enjoy huge support from netizens. It is believed that Harathi and Namitha were voted out because people started disliking them after they mistreated the Yaamirukka Bayamey girl. 

Fans are coming out with funny memes to show that they are behind her.