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Namitha has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil. She is the fifth contestant to leave the house after Harathi Ganesh,  Shree, Ganja Karuppu and Bharani

Oviya, Ganesh Venkatraman and Namitha were in the danger zone this week. In the end, the Billa girl is asked to leave the house as she got lesser votes than other two.

Namitha started as one of the favourites to win the Bigg Boss Tamil. Indeed, she was the biggest celebrity to be part of the show.  In the first two weeks, she was active one of the active performers. It appears like the way she treated Oviya and Julie did not go well with the viewers. Her decision to take Gayathri's side apparently backfired. 

Nonetheless, Namitha enjoyed a lot of respect among the inmates and would be remembered for giving importance to cleanliness. Also, her courage to teach the inmates on how to use western toilet was hailed by the netizens.

Earlier Story

Oviya has been saved, while Ganesh Venkatraman and Namitha are still in the danger zone this week. One among the two is likely to leave the show hosted by Kamal Haasan on Sunday, 23 July.

Overview of Saturday's show
The audience were expecting Kamal Haasan to give clarity on various issues pertaining to Oviya and others. The host discussed many of them and primarily the one involving Oviya and Julie.

Kamal Haasan played the entire clip of Julie and Oviya's conversation that triggered major problem in the house. The video proved that the former was guilty of spreading lies, while the latter was innocent.

Yet Julie was unwilling to accept her mistake and continued to defend herself by claiming that she manipulated the statement a bit. Kamal Haasan shot back by saying, "It is not manipulation, but hallucination."

Among the other issues, Kamal Haasan tried to address Oviya and Shakthi's problem and pointed out the actor's fault.

Namitha, Gayathri and Julie had bullied Oviya by singing a series of songs and forced her to sleep in the men's room. Kamal did not take any side, but spoke to the inmates about the complete incident to give a better picture.
Kamal clarified Shakthi about his views that Oviya triggers inmates to fight against her.
Kamal Haasan tried to clear the misconception of the inmates about Oviya.
The host indirectly told Gayathri about her faults.
Kamal Haasan told Namitha that they are not projecting anyone in negative light and themselves are creating theirs images.
Julie was cornered for her lies.
Kamal Haasan advised Oviya not to take the success into her head and stay grounded as it is a long journey.
Oviya promises to Kamal Haasan that she will not use 'F' word.
Overall, Julie was caught, while Gayathri and Namitha escaped without being held responsible for their statements on Oviya.

Unanswered Questions
Gayathri and Namitha had made unreasonable attacks on Oviya and people wanted Kamal Haasan to highlight their mistakes. But the host  brought their mistakes in calmer tone without using strong words.

Who'll leave this week?
The teaser before wrapping up the episode showed Gayathri and Julie cheering when Kamal Haasan made the announcement on the elimination. The first impression that one gets is that Ganesh might be leaving the house, but there seems to be a surprise in store for the inmates.