Abhishek Raaja has been reportedly eliminated from this weekend on Bigg Boss Tamil 5. He is the third contestant to be out of Kamal Haasan-hosted show after Namitha and Nadia.

Abhishek Raaja
Abhishek Raaja.Twitter

There were seven contestants - Iykky Berry, Priyanka Deshpande, Akshara Reddy, Chinna Ponnu, Pavani Reddy, Abhinay Vaddi and Abhishek Raaja – entered the danger zone this week. Among them, Akshara and Pavani were announced safe on Saturday's episode.

It looks like Abhishek Raaja's overall attitude despite being nominated did not go well with the audience. His manipulative conversation among the contestants irked the fans which failed to garner votes for his survival.

Like Gayathri and Archana in the previous seasons, the fans started disliking Abhishek. However, it is not confirmed news and it will be only known after the latest Bigg Boss Tamil episode is aired.

Namitha, Nadia, Abhishek, Varun, Thamarai, Suruthi, Raju, Priyanka, Pavani, Niroop, Madhumitha, Iykki, Isaivani, Imman, Ciby, Chinnaponnu, Akshara and Abhinay had entered the house on 3 October on the first day.

Namita walked out of the show due to unavoidable reasons in the first week, while Nadia was evicted from Kamal Haasan-hosted show in the second week.

Here's how netizens reacted to the rumours of his eviction:

Cinemapatti: Hope @cinemapayyan is enjoying watching NBA games at home now, he can watch #Annaatthe and enjoy Diwali with bursting crackers Collision symboland posting Reviews with his technical vocabularies. Welcome to the real world brother.
#BiggBoss5Tamil #BiggBossTamil

R.Rocket: #abhishekraja 's overconfidence is one of the reasons for his elimination. That & his taunts on KHFace with tears of joy. Tamil audience prefer fair play, he was too manipulative & opened up all his cards at once. #RajuJayamohan gets deserved appreciationClapping hands sign Priyanka on her own nowRaising hands

V.Vinodh Kumar: To all worrying there won't be content without #abhishekraja, he was taking bb to the dumbest possible content. There are many good players #raju #cibi #suruthi #niroop who are slowly starting their game. We are in for better content. #BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil #priyanka

SuperWampire.NFTFire: Lol! Even before getting eliminated #Abhishek the one in the promos. It's sad to see how the society literally chose CP instead of Abhishek for a game show. Pakka serial watching kuttum watching biggboss.. #BiggBossTamil5

HONEST GIRL❤: BiggBossTamil5
Heard #Abhishek is eliminated
I thought he will stay for long
He can become a Top 5 too
God knows why channel removed him

r Karthikeyan: But #Abhishek has the least votes now in this week's unofficial polls.
He s now evicted without any interference.
This, as many pointed in twitter, is a move to protect the name of #Priyanka ,which is being spoilt a lot because of #Abhishek .

DM_SK: if its true tat #Abhishek left home thn its the benefit done TV to #Priyanka .To restore the lost reputation she had vtv Divide the frndship tat existed between them,TV has given her an opportunity.Again elimination done by channel not by ppl vote.#BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil5