A fight broke out between Akshara and Siby in the ongoing school task in Bigg Boss Tamil. The promos from today's episodes show the former losing her temper and breaking a house property following arguments with the latter.

Akshara vs Siby
Akshara vs Siby in Bigg Boss Tamil.Screenshot

What Promos Say?
Going by the promos, Siby, in the role of the warden, asks Akshara to get ready quickly and this did not go well with her. She demands him to give more time to get ready for school, but she turns down her request.

Akshara refuses to budge, storms into washroom where she breaks a Bigg Boss property. Another clip shows Raju and Siby trying to calm down the situation, but fails as she gets angrier towards Raju and Siby.

Sibi's attempt, in another promo, to sort out the differences did not help. In one of the clips, Bigg Boss is heard calling Akshara to come to the confession room.

Akshara and Siby have not been in a good relationship and it looks like their personal issues came out during the task.

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Netizens Reaction:
Netizens have largely criticized Akshara for showing tantrum in Bigg Boss Tamil house. Also, people have slammed her along with Priyanka for setting bad example for kids who are watching the show. Check out their reaction:

Sinner: #Akshara setting good example by throwing and breaking stuff in the house. Kids (millions of you)...this is the best behaviour. Pls follow...

Shanu CR7: VJ TV is setting a bad example to the kids and youngsters who are watching this show.. How can you still keep a person who is breaking the things like this? We want red card for #Akshara

gurunathaa4: #Akshara arrogance during task , going to make #ciby as favorite contestant & getting more fans

Jansika: One thing I don't get in #BiggBossTamil5 house is why does BB only console #Akshara many others have cried, screamed & was in depressed state of mind he never called them. If it was anyone else he would have just left them alone & maybe even provoke them more

BBSurvivorTAMIL: This pampered kid #Akshara need to learn a lesson. Ivangala ellam #SurvivorTamil la vitrukkanum. AC room kulla ukkaara vechu 24x7 saappadu kuduthu balloon odaikkara task ah kudutha ipdidhaan.

Joe Vignesh: She breaked the things. Warning kudukanum.
This is time priyanka have to clap and laugh at her Face with tears of joyCollision symbol Aalum moonjum... Queen vera Sneezing faceFace with rolling eyes kodumai da saami.... #Akshara #BiggBossTamil5

Visak_VS: Today 3rd Promo
#Akshara vs #Ciby
Ciby Looks Very Calm, Matured & Dignified. He Is Doing Very Well For His Role.

Nandan R: #Akshara

Feel sorry for Ciby, who has been subjected to Akshra's constant hatred for a long time.
I haven't seen him treat Akshra with the same disrespect or hatred that Askahara does.
The moral of the storey is 2 avoid being adimaigal (Friends) with persons like Akshra

vshnu_cristiano: Anger Managment Akshara total 0 in that
#Akshara #BiggBossTamil5 #biggboss5 #biggbosstamil

badri: #Priyanka actually doing her task was good.. But she has over hype and over confidence that's was a cringe factor.. Annoying and irritating for viewers but #Akshara always showing her elite attitude and done partiality for some people in the house..

Infinityloop19: Yup ..actually ..can't come into a conclusion seeing a promo ..
If it's a task ..#Akshara is nailing it Clapping hands sign
If not then ..bad time has started for her for sure Woman shrugging #BiggBossTamil5

PizzaSlice of pizza: Lol priyanka did everything within the task. She made us laugh too. Her questions on ciby were good.
Priyanka didn't give up the task and start shouting like Akshara.
#Akshara is creating unnecessary drama even when ciby gave her time to do her work.

kishore kumar: Yenama #Akshara ivloo Anger eduku??? Promo la omum puiyala .yethuva irunthalum you need to learn Anger management.Expressionless face

BBTamilViewer: If BB was impartial, the same tone used to reprimand #Isaivani for her Captaincy-serving task or an even worser one will be used to address #Akshara. But we know the sympathy drama that will be aired to us to gain some votes for AkWoman shrugging
#BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil #BiggBoss5Tamil

BiggBoss5Tamil: Promo 3

#Ciby trying to convince #Akshara who has now changed to school uniform.. But he is firm that he is in his character..
But, she is like I'm not liking what you do.. So, issue still not resolved .
Appo innaiku episode fulla ithana.. Person shrugging