The curtains for the fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil will be dropped on Sunday, January 16. After 100-odd days, the show has reached the last stage of the reality show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Winner Name Leaked Before Airing of Grand Finale
Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Winner Name Leaked Before Airing of Grand FinalePR Handout

Raju, Priyanka Deshpande, Pavani, Niroop and Amir have entered the finale. So, who is going to win the Kamal Haasan-hosted show? It looks like the information has been leaked online. Yes on the official Wikipedia page of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Raju has been declared the winner of the reality show.

Priyanka Deshpande is the runner up while Pavni has ended up at third place. Niroop and Amir are in the fourth and fifth places, respectively.

However, the news has not taken up by surprise as the online polls had clearly shown that Raju and Priyanka were the hot favourites to win the trophy. However, Pavni ending up in the third place has taken the fans by a surprise.

Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale
Bigg Boss Tamil.PR Handout

Meanwhile, the fans of Priyanka have vented out their anguish over the result as they feel she deserved to be the winner. They accused the makers of the show of being bias towards her and expose only shortcomings while failing to highlight the mistakes of other contestants.

Nonetheless, Priyanka, undoubtedly, has given content to the show from day one and one could not imagine the show without her.

The show was kicked off on 3 October with Priyanka Deshpande, Niroop, Pavani Reddy, Santhosh Pratap, Gopinath Ravi, Shakeela's adopted daughter Milla, Sunitha Gogoi, Kani Thiru, Priya Raman, Akshara Reddy, Namitha Marimuthu, Imman Annachi, Nadia Chang, Abhishek, Isaivani and Chinna Ponnu entering the house.

Sanjeev and Amir later entered the house as wild-card entrants.