The stage is set for the elimination of one more contestant this week. Thamarai Selvi, Imman Annachi, Niroop, Varun, Isaivani, Abhinay, Priyanka, Pavni, Chinna Ponnu, and Akshara. are facing the eviction test.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination
Bigg Boss Tamil 5.PR Handout

In Saturday's episode, Isaivani and Imman Annachi were announced safe. It means Thamarai Selvi, Niroop, Varun, Abhinay, Priyanka, Pavni, Chinna Ponnu, and Akshara are in the still danger zone.

Going by the rumours, Chinna Ponnu has been eliminated from the show this week. It looks like she failed to win the hearts of the audience and provide content to the show which resulted in her eviction.

However, in order to safeguard themselves, contestants can use coins. In the recent episode, Thamarai 's coin was stolen by Shruthi with the support of Pavani.

But the manner in which it was taken away by Shruthi and Pavani became a hot topic of debate. Even it was discussed on Kamal Haasan's weekend episode.

The host pointed out that the contestants lacked competitive spirit while disapproving the strategy adopted by Pavani and Shruthi. Also, he exposed their lies in Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

Check Out How Netizens Reacted to Pavani and Shruthi's Issue:

JehSparkles: Abt today's clash
They were all having a general talk, and suddenly hypocrites #Suruthi and #Pavani are asking #Varun not to tell his opinion
Like HTF can they expect everyone to put jaldraa like mixture #Madhumitha did
Nothing wrong with #Varun Thumbs up

Raji: No... today's episode did not meet my expectation... suruthi / Pavani never accepted their mistake... apology is fake...and Kamal sir seemed to target Thamarai...

Dr Sowmiya...: If the problem drags for another one week
#Pavani could say na #suruthi kaga ula dress change panalam tha ponen..enaku shy ya erukum na ne towel pudichuten

Vignesh Rajasekhar™: It was #Suruthi who accepted her mistake...not #Pavani...she never said it #BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil

Priyanagakumarann: Pavani and suruthi 4 days nalla yosichu script panni samalichitanga. But even if it is same gender there is manners that we shouldn't enter when one is dressing. If she has gone to take isai clothes it will take not even a minute. She stayed for long.

Sridhar: Will #Suruthi & #Pavani just not stop talking about it?
It's done, it's discussed and has ended.
Now stop your pleading explanations!

Prithi: #Biggbosstamil5
Pavani had said that before she could accept suruti's proposal for help, suruti had already stolen the coin but now she has changing her statement!
#BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil #BiggBoss5Tamil

NancyBeach with umbrella: #Kamal sir : Oru unmai ngardhu yara parthu pesinalum orae matter than irukanum ,aalukku aal maara koodathu "

Saying this he disclosed that the audience had seen what #Pavni & #Suruthi planned outside the bathroom .

Both P &S face Face with cold sweat

#BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBoss #BiggBoss5Tamil

Kollywood Starzz: These gals #Suruthi and #Pavni manipulate things over nd over ... Its quite irritating. They want someone in the house should say neenga senjathu correct u guys dont feel nu. Madhu atha than pandra but ithungalum avala oru aala kooda mathikala.