The fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has already crossed the halfway mark and the game is getting better by day. With Abhishek, who was eliminated in the third week, entering the house as a wild-card entrant, the show has become interesting now.


This week, there were nine contestants -Abhinay, Akshara, Ciby, Imman, Isaivani, Iykki, Niroop, Pavni, and Thamarai – were in the danger zone. On Saturday's episode, Pavani was announced safe by Kamal Haasan.

Who'll Be Eliminated This Week?
Going by the rumours, Isaivani has been evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil show. Among the nine contestants, it looks like she secured the least number of votes for survival. As a result, the singer has been shown the door from Kamal Haasan's show.

However, this has taken the fans by a surprise as they were expecting Iykki Berry to be out of the show this week. Online polls indicated that Iykki will be shown the door.

So, How Are Netizens Reacting to Isaivani's Eviction?

harini SparklesButterfly: Someone tries hard to high their life standard from scratch &they did it . But ppl still mock her down for the same. Especially #imman who treated her low. #Isaivani it's ok. Your elimination isunfair. Everything for good. Good luck for your future. #BigBossTamil5 #bigbosstamil5

B@FRIENDSCHAT: As expected better for #Isaivani Relieved face, same i said for #shruthi

Bigg Boss & Survivor (tamil): Straight ah first saved pananala. Over confidence la coin power use panala.
Channel apdi panalana. Maybe , this week coin power use panni irupa. Theva ilame nambikai kuduthu. Ipo evict panitanga. - Justice for isaivani

: If anyone in the house deserves the secret room oppurtunity then it should be undoubtedly for #Isaivani!
But the channel will surely use it for motor mouth #Thamarai whenever she gets evicted.

Proffesor Smiling face with sunglasses: Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Meanwhile This week #Isaivani is Close wit #Pavni . Result - Evicted Face with tears of joy ..Btw unfortunate can't blame anyone.. #Isaivani Lost his votes by showing another side.. Irunthalum #Imman panathum thappu dhan ! #BigBossTamil5 #BigBossTamil #bbtamilseason5

Clark Brodus: Clowns are claiming this will be bad for #Isaivani's
she's self made..she inspired other women to follow her footsteps in her field..She's already an icon in gaana world and she would continue to grow bigger.

PB Channel: #Isaivani evicted.
So How can we take this?
It's because she was close with #Pavni or because she had an argument with #ThamaraiSelvi #BiggBossTamil5

Namitha, Nadia, Chinnaponnu, Suruthi, Mathumitha, Varun, Thamarai, Raju, Priyanka, Pavani, Niroop, Iyyki, Isaivani, Imman, Ciby, Akshara, Abhishek and Abhinay entered the house 3 October.

So far, Namitha, Nadia, Chinnaponnu, Suruthi, and Mathumitha have been evicted.