Bigg Boss Tamil 2 - 11th Week Elimination
Janani Iyer, Thadi Balaji and Danny face elimination.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Videos

The stage is set for the elimination of the ninth contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil 2. This week, Janani Iyer, Thadi Balaji and Danny are in the danger zone on Vijay TV's popular reality show. Just in: Daniel is Eliminated

Who will be eliminated this week?
The show has entered its 11th week and the competition among the inmates to enter the last stage has intensified. This week, all the three contestants have a fair chance to get evicted as they all have a sizeable fan following. Bigg Boss 2 Funny Memes are here.

However, on closer look, Danny is most likely to be safe. Apart from receiving votes, his participation in the tasks has been good. The initial trends on social media said that netizens wanted him to be out of the show, but their views have changed looking at his activities in the house this week on Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

That leaves Thadi Balaji and Janani Iyer in the danger zone. They both have roughly the same number of supporters and detractors. Their involvement during and after tasks has also remained more or less the same. 

While Thadi Balaji irked the viewers for using cuss words often and abusing his wife Nithya, Janani Iyer safe-play strategy has not impressed the viewers and earned her the tag 'Visa bottle' (a bottle of poison).

Apart from the votes, there is now an unequal balance of male and female participants in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. There are six women, while the strength of the males is reduced to 3. The gap widens if a male contestant is evicted this week.

Considering this factor, our prediction is that Janani Iyer will be shown the door this week.