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A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

In the September 11 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Aditi Rai called Sabumon a man of immorality, after he tried to grab a key which Aditi had placed under her dress. During the verbal war, Suresh also took a stand against his best friend Sabumon Abdusamad and made it clear that physical abuse against women cannot be tolerated.

Episode update

The episode began with a very interesting luxury task. Bigg Boss announced that Shiyas will be the king of the house today, and he will be having all privileges until he loses the task. Bigg Boss also handed him a key, and it is his duty to keep the keys safe. If he loses the key, he will lose his power and the person who grabs the key will be the next captain.

During the task, Shiyas called up Aditi to give a punishment. Interestingly, Aditi grabbed the key from Shiyas very cleverly and she became the next queen. Aditi later gave a punishment to Shiyas. Later, Bigg Boss announced that the time to show the queen's power is over for the day, and asked Aditi to keep the key safe for the remaining hours.

Aditi kept the key inside her attire. However, Sabumon came to the scene, and he physically handled Aditi to get the key. At one point in time, he even tried to put his hand inside Aditi's clothes to grab the key. This act from Sabumon irked Aditi to the core, and she lashed out against him stating that physical abuses could not be tolerated. Suresh also took a strong stand against Sabumon.

Aditi soon gave the keys to Suresh. Later, Aditi told Suresh that Sabumon is a man with a strong immoral side. She also alleged that Sabumon does not know how to behave with a mother and sister. Hearing these comments, Sabumon reacted strongly, and Basheer also backed Sabu.

In the night, Aditi apologised to Sabumon. Sabumon told Aditi that he is not a man who plays dirty games inside the house. He also asked Aditi to be very careful while delivering these kinds of comments.