The third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 progressing eventfully, and this season witnessed some unexpected events, emotional breakdown, and unforeseen evictions. It all began from Mohanlal expelled the Firoz Khan-Sajna duo from the show for allegedly insulting Remya Panicker. Last week, citing personal reasons, Manikuttan exited the show. A few days later, he returned to the house, and on the same day, Bigg Boss announced that Dimpal Bhal's father has died, and she soon quit the show. 

Dimpal Bhal will not return

On the Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, host Mohanlal asked contestants to share their memories about Dimpal Bhal. Anoop Krishnan told that Dimpal was a very good friend, while Soorya revealed that Dimpal had gifted her some costumes. It was Manikuttan who literally broke down when Mohanlal asked about Dimpal Bhal. The Chotta Mumbai actor cried a lot, and he was running out of words. 

Dimpal Bhal
Dimpal BhalInstagram

At this point in time, Mohanlal revealed that Dimpal Bhal is a strong woman, and she is currently in Meerut. The Superstar also made it clear that Dimpal will not return to the house, as the completion of the show is just a few weeks away, and Dimpal will have to quarantine herself for seven days if she returns to Bigg Boss again. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3: Eviction update

Today, Mohanlal will announce the name of the contestant who will go out of the Bigg Boss Malayalam house today. According to the latest voting trends, the most probable contestant who will go out today will be Adoney T John. Even though a hate campaign is going against Soorya, she will most likely stay inside the house. 

As Dimpal Bhal exited the show, the most likely contestants who will make their way to the final five are Manikuttan, Sai Vishnu, Rithu Manthra, Kidilam Firoz, and Ramzan Mohammed. Considering the current trend, Manikuttan is the most likely contestant who will win the Bigg Boss Malayalam title this year.