The third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing steadily, and the audience is waiting for the first elimination which will happen today or tomorrow. It was model Rithu Manthra who received the maximum number of nominations last week, but she is expected to stay safe in the house, especially after her scintillating performance in the 'Devasura' task.

Sandhya Manoj to get evicted

According to the latest trends, Sandhya Manoj is the most likely contestant who may go out of the house this week. In the first two weeks of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Sandhya's screen presence was very less, and she was very hesitant to actively take part in tasks. Moreover, she literally failed to impress the audience, even though she is a known dancer. 

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Another likely contestant who faces the threat of elimination this week is Lekshmi Jayan. Even though Lakshmi has actively participated in tasks, her public acceptance is not that great, and she has a huge number of haters in online spaces. 

In the meantime, a section of netizens speculates that Bigg Boss will postpone the eviction this week, as it is just the second week of the show. 

Dimpal Bhal to stay safe

As expected, Dimpal Bhal is the contestant in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house who has procured maximum numbers of votes this week. Unofficial polls claim that Sai Vishnu is next to Dimpal in the voting process. 

In the weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal is expected to question contestants regarding the violation of rules inside the house. Recently, Dimpal Bhal had talked without wearing a mike, while Anoop Krishnan several times used the English language which is prohibited. Firoz Khan and Michelle also dragged the personal life of contestants inside the house, and it is against Bigg Boss rules. A promo released by Asianet released a few hours ago also showed Mohanlal questioning Firoz and Michelle for targeting people intentionally over their personal life.