It was around two weeks back that Michelle, along with Firoz Khan and Sajna Firoz entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam house as wild card entries. The trio, in the initial days, tried their best to target Dimpal Bhal, one of the popular contestants in the house. However, the tactics adopted by Michelle and friends did not work well, and their dirty game strategies worked in favor of Dimpal, both inside and outside the house. And now, recent trends suggest that Michelle will be eliminated from the house this weekend. 

Michelle to go out of Bigg Boss Malayalam

Even though Michelle made some waves in the first two days of her entry, she failed to make an impact in the last ten days. She was very inactive during tasks, and several netizens started asking whether Michelle is still there in the house. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Michelle (Left), Dimpal Bhal (Right)Disney Hotstar

Moreover, Michelle already emerged as a hated figure among most of the Bigg Boss Malayalam followers, as she repeatedly targeted Dimpal Bhal for irrelevant reasons. According to reports, Mohanlal will eliminate Michelle on the Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam. If the elimination does not happen on Saturday, Michelle is expected to go out of the house on Sunday. 

Sai Vishnu to stay safe

Sai Vishnu was another contestant who was expected to get eliminated alongside Michelle this week. However, Sai Vishnu, through his clever moves triggered so many fights inside the house, and it played a crucial role in elevating the TRP rating of the show. As Sai Vishnu is a strong content maker, Bigg Boss organizers will take a risk by eliminating him from the show this week. Moreover, Sai Vishnu is getting sufficient votes from fans of Ramzan, as he is one of the good friends of the dancer inside the house. 

In the meantime, netizens have started claiming that one more wild card entry may enter the Bigg Boss Malayalam house this week.