Former Bigg Boss contestant Akshara Singh has been receiving the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. An alleged MMS of the Bhojpuri actress has leaked online and is going viral on social media. The young actress who became a household name after her Bigg Boss OTT stint, has landed herself in some major soup.

Akshara Singh
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The alleged MMS leak

While whether or not the MMS is indeed hers remains unknown but many on social media have claimed that the video doing the rounds is indeed hers. Amid all this, an old video of the actress breaking down on social media has also resurfaced. "Tang karke rakh diya hai," Akshara was seen crying and saying in the video by Bihar Tak.

In the video, Akshara alleges that some people have been trying to put her down. She further alleges that these people sit and make conference calls to discuss how to bring her down. She also urged these people to do their own work and rise with their integrity and work. She also requested everyone to let her entertain the audience who love her to bits.

Now, whether or not the video has anything to do with Akshara's alleged MMS remains unknown. The Bhojpuri actress won hearts with her simple but straight forward attitude on Karan Johar's Bigg Boss OTT.

Ever since her stint on BB, Akshara has been widening her horizon. From music videos, interviews with Bollywood celebs to new projects; the actress has a lot in her kitty. However, on questions of her leaving the Bhojpuri film industry for Bollywood, the actress has always had a clear answer – no.

On never leaving the Bhojpuri film industry

"Because I think Bhojpuri industry is the reason for what I am today. Bhojpuri films have given me all the recognition. It is good to stay connected with the roots. So even if I work in Bollywood now and do some great work in it, I can never leave the Bhojpuri industry and the audience I have gained due to my work there," she said in a recent interview with a website.

Whether or not Akshara would break her silence on the alleged MMS, remains to be seen.