"Bigg Boss 9" contestant Keith Sequeira has quite a few fans both inside and outside the house. Charming, reserved and smart, this model-actor has won a million hearts.

"Yeh Hai Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" actress Hina Khan seems to be quite taken by the handsome housemate.

Talking about the high-voltage reality show to @TheRealityPost, the TV star said she has no favourites and added, "As of now no one.. It's too early to judge anyone.. But Keith seems a gentleman."

This statement is quite valid because every time (during the times they were tied to each other) Mandana Karimi had to be somewhere, he would politely walk with her without questioning the reasons.

Also, there have been several heated arguments amongst the housemates. And Keith was always the one to come up with a sensible solution.

In other news, Keith had to leave the house suddenly after brother Ian Sequeira passed away, a few days ago. Salman Khan has reportedly said he would return to the show soon but the dates haven't been confirmed yet.

On social media, viewers are eagerly waiting for the contestant to be back. Here are some of the tweets from them:

Bushra: @BiggBoss I miss Keith. When will he return? I'm sure he's not going to win but still want to see him for some more time in the house. #BB9

#BiggBoss9: If Keith does not return as a contestant, but as a guest instead it will really break my heart. He was my favourite #StayStrongKeith #BB9

Parikshit Shah: So there are full chances that Keith will return! He has taken very few things in small airbag with him. #BB9 We'll wait for you Keith.