After the previous day's lie detector test, Day 36 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with a few contestants trying to resolve their differences with other housemates.

Suyyash Rai approached Rochelle Rao and told her that he was quite shocked to know that she feels unsafe around him and Prince Narula. He put the blame on Prince and his aggressive nature and accepted that they were wrong during the Highway task.

Rochelle told Aman Verma that Prince and Suyyash approached her and made an effort to bury their differences, but Kishwer didn't even try to make peace with her.

Later, Bigg Boss announced luxury budget task -- Shararati Bachen -- which would determine the nominations for this week.

The housemates were divided into two teams. Rochelle, Rishabh Sinha, Kishwer Merchantt and Prince played the kids, while Suyyash, Digangana Suryavanshi, Aman Verma and Mandana Karimi are their care takers. Rimi Sen was elected as the monitor of the activity.

As per the rule of the Shararati Bachen task, the kids were allowed to play games, create nuisance and irritate the caretakers. On the other hand, the caretakers had to control the disobedient kids, feed them, make them study and punish them in case they fail to obey the caretakers.

As the fun task progressed, Rochelle, Rishabh, Prince and Kishwer wearing baby diapers started acting like kids and tried their best to annoy the caretakers.

While it was interesting to watch the playful 'kids' and the annoyed 'caretakers', Rimi being a spoilsport once again, gave up on the task mid-way claiming that she is incapable of taking any decision.

The housemates got irked by Rimi's attitude and tried to convince her to participate in the task as this would affect their overall performance. Suyyash, being the captain, tried convincing Rimi as she played the most important part in the task. Mandana also quit the task stating that the task is getting tedious for her.

Later, in the evening, Suyyash decided to take a stern action against Rimi and punish her by taking away her mattress. 

While nominations usually takes place on Mondays, after the elimination of one contestant the previous day, this week, there is a twist in the nomination procedure. The nominated contestants will be decided based on their performances during the Shararati Bachen task that will get over on Tuesday's episode.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the viewers have been criticising Rimi for spoiling the fun task.

Jessica: "Rimi must go out now. It's high time. #BB9"

Sparkling Meher: "Rimi Sen says shes bad at decision making and she wants to be director such a fuddu director i must say. No one will work with her #BB9"

RMalik: "At this point I'm getting more annoyed of Rimi, than anyone else. So over her. Not even funny anymore. #BB9 @BiggBoss #catchingup"

simplypurple: "The less Rimi wants to participate, the more the show becomes about her. :P #BB9"