Prince Narula has often been branded a big flirt by viewers, and his casual ways with wild card entrant Nora Fatehi is only making the claim stronger.

A few weeks ago, the "Bigg Boss 9" contestant admitted to having genuine feelings for evicted housemate Yuvika Chaudhary, and now seems pretty taken by Nora's beauty.

The actress, too, seem very interested in him, and right before she entered the house she told Salman Khan she would like to shower her love on Prince and Rishabh Sinha.

While Suyyash Rai and Rochelle Rao were seen discussing how this could be his strategy to move ahead in the game, viewers have tagged the "Splitsvilla 8" winner fake.

What's sad is, Yuvika, who thought Prince cared for her deeply and all he did for her wasn't a publicity stunt, has to eat crow.

"I felt he was genuine, he also said I was real. He looked very upset while I was leaving the house. He could not even muster the courage to come and hug me. He was looking at me from far. Had he been acting, he would have easily come to meet me one last time, thinking now she is going and it is okay," Press Trust of India quoted her as saying.

In other news, audience has reacted fiercely to Prince's newly-changed attitude and his closeness with Nora. Here are a few tweets:

TeamRochelle: Plsss we don't watch BB to see fake love angle of tharki prince & Nora (sic).

Velcy: Scripted Nora came to do pillow fights with Prince and fake love story .viewers are nt blind (sic).

Komal: What happened to Prince's "genuine" love for Yuvika? Can this guy BE any more fake? Same applies to Nora. (sic)

AnnaJaay: Nora's pyar for Prince looks so freaking fake.. Too much acting. (sic)

Poonam Singh: Yuvika wanted 2 watch #BB9 & c if Prince proposal was true but seeing him w Nora must make her happy that she didn't fall 4 that fake idiot! (sic)

I am moin: all the thing #prince did with yuvika wAs he is doing the same with #nora.thats very bad. (sic)