While a lot of speculations are doing rounds regarding the final list of "Bigg Boss 9" contestants, LGBT rights activist and filmmaker, Nakshatra Bagwe is not going to participate in the upcoming season.

Nakshatra Bagwe made a post on his Facebook page on Sunday stating that he will not be a part of "Bigg Boss 9", owing to his busy schedule. "Finally, I would like to state that I am NOT going to be a part of Bigg Boss 9. I know many were excited to see me on small screen advocating gay rights and I promise that you will see me on TV soon, doing the same. I am currently occupied with several exciting projects and I shall announce them soon. Thank you for your love and support," he posted on Facebook.

Earlier, we reported that Nakshatra Bagwe will be one of the contestants in "Bigg Boss 9", keeping the trend of at least one participant from the LGBT community in the show.

While, Nakshatra Bagwe has refused to be a part of the show, previous seasons of "Bigg Boss" had Bobby Darling, Rohit Verma, Ali Saleem, Laxmi Tripathi, Iman Siddiqui, VJ Andy and Sushant Divgikar from the LGBT community.

Nakshatra Bagwe is known for his film "Logging Out" (2012), for which the filmmaker won KASHISH at the Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. He has two more upcoming movies, "My Son is Gay" and "Hearts".