Day 59 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with wild card contestant Nora Fatehi performing a belly dance for the boys of the house. Nora's mesmerising performance left Prince Narula, Rishabh Sinha and even Suyyash Rai awestruck.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announced luxury budget task -- Bhoot Bangla -- where the housemates were divided into two teams.

Prince, Rochelle Rao, Mandana Karimi, Nora and Rishabh were in team 'Human', while the 'Ghosts' team comprised Kishwer Merchantt, Gizele Thakral, Kanwaljeet Singh, Suyyash and Priya Malik.

As per the rule of the task, the 'ghosts' had to scare and distract the 'humans', while the 'humans' had to remain unaffected by their act. Keith Sequeira was elected as the supervisor of the task.

However, instead of being a scary task, the episode turned out to be chaotic one when 'human' Mandana Karimi got physical and pushed 'ghost' Kishwer Merchantt.

This enraged Kishwer who lashed out at Mandana and vowed to take revenge. Suyyash supporting Kishwer threatened Mandana with consequences if she ever tried to touch his girlfriend again.

Mandana got affected by this issue and retaliated against her own team by refusing to continue with the task. 

The episode also saw wild card contestant Gizele calling Keith dyslexic, which left Priya Malik angry. She requested her to not use the word as it is a learning disability and not something to be made fun of or taken lightly. This led to a huge argument between the two female contestants.