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Makers of "Bigg Boss 8" are pulling out all stops to get the last-minute TRP ratings boosted.

From the re-entry of Ajaz Khan, to Pandit Janardhan's predictions of the housemates' futures, last few episodes of the high-voltage reality show are turning out to be real entertainers.

While frenemies Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna have been bonding since last week, Pritam Singh has distanced himself from the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor. The emotional audio visual chronicling the love stories, fights and friendships made and broken by the contestants had a strong impact on the RJ.

He was heard saying how no one has been capable of hurting except for Gautam adding that he let go of the four-month-long friendship and is now more close to the inmate he hated the most at one point in time. The suave contestant on the other hand discussed with KT how Pritam has been misunderstanding him again. So, will they restore their friendship once out of the show? Only time will tell.

Known face-reader Pandit Janardhan made a few interesting predictions for the housemates. Gautam was told that he would only get second leads in films, adding that his current affair (with evicted contestant Diandra Soares) will not last and that he would get married to the woman of his mother's choice.

To Karishma's surprise, her relationship with Upen Patel might not go the whole hog, foretold Janardhan baba. However, she'll have a bright future and will get married to a divorced businessman. Pritam Singh was told that he would have a baby girl with wife Amajyot and he would be successful in film business.

Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza were told that they both have bright futures and will be successful in whatever they do.